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Where Design Leads, Humanity Connects

In a world facing complex challenges, Bang Design stands ready. Since 1999, we’ve navigated risks while fueling advancements like smartphones, renewable energy, and citizen science. Let’s shape a better tomorrow, together.

Short to Long Term Subscription

Working closely with you to solve a specific problem or explore an opportunity through design consulting. A collaborative approach resulting in the perfect solution for your business.

A Fresh Perspective to Communication

From creative concepting to content development, production, creative technology and user experience design – we garner attention and drive business impact. Supported by our creative teams – a diverse group of copywriters and storytellers, animators, digital transformation experts, creative technologists, and emerging platform experimenters – we develop and execute brave ideas that deliver impact.

Every Detail Considered

New Product Design and Development can feel overwhelming. Especially where it has to transition to the real world through solid engineering and cultural acceptance. We meticulously manage every aspect of the product for you, even as the program stays nimble to absorb the inevitable pivots and course corrections from wildly swinging markets. With complete access to our experts, and our years of experience across multiple sectors, you can be sure that your product or service will get the bravery it needs to succeed in the real world.

Long Term Strategic Teams

Our flexible approach allows us to creatively address any business problems, design innovative solutions, and then execute them. Several long term subscribers requested the creation of semi-flexible dedicated teams structured to their unique requirements. Multiple people from the brand, including other external partners, engage with specific team members around a common vision for the business’ immediate or long term future. This is contextually more efficient. Our Micro- Offshore Design Centre (ODC) is the most cohesive option for brands looking for both quicker turnaround, and more long term value to be created.

Your Vision, Our Support

Extraordinary ideas require extraordinary work!. We help innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs refine their ideas, develop their product or service, set a vision for the future, and even partner with them on their journey to product-market fit and launch. Partner engage with our decades of knowledge, insight, creativity and expertise that has delivered market success, through our risk-sharing stake-in-outcome approach to get their nascent business the best possible launchpad from the get go. The smallest investment in time and money with the biggest returns.

Outsourcing Manufacturing with Confidence

We manage your Manufacturing while you focus on growing your business. Avoid investing in the equipment, training, and staff to manufacture your product. You can meet your cost efficiency, Quality requirements, and scale while simplifying your supply chain with our India partner network.

Driving Innovation & Experience Design Across Industries

Diverse expertise fuels global impact. With studios in India and a partner network, we deliver design solutions that resonate across borders and sectors.

Ensuring a Good Fit

Consultative muscle meets creative soul. We bring ideas to life.

Beyond the Build

Product development isn't just about creating something; it's about weaving human needs, capital, and complex ecosystems into a successful reality.

Marketing Mastery

Winning the marketing game demands innovative approaches and top-notch creative assets. Be bold, be smart, and stay ahead of the curve.

Invest in Ingenuity

Bring your toughest technical challenges. We provide the capital and support to turn them into lasting business success.

Grow Fast in Future

We're disrupting a booming market, but a few years out. Invest in our future with us, where savvy spending fuels explosive growth.

Niche & Mighty

Small business, big dreams? We understand! You're close to your customers, but product polish and marketing muscle hold you back. Let's team up!

Reach New Heights

We help established businesses unlock hidden potential with innovative strategies and sustainable roadmaps. Experiment, dominate, and secure your profitable future.

Iterate & Elevate

Got a groundbreaking idea? We get it. Test it with real users ASAP with our MVP launchpad. Time is money, let's get your hypothesis validated!

Amplify Your Vision

Product Manager, unleash your IP potential! We support research, design, prototyping, and customer testing to turn your ideas into market-dominating products.

Unlock your potential. Contact us today.

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