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We Engineer Great Experiences

Craft exceptionally engineered products that inspire delight and loyalty in your customers. We bring design, form and vision to life using creativity and established engineering principles.

Strategically Creative.
Tactically Maneuverable.

Our purpose-built in-house team delivers smart Usability and evocative forms using a robust design process, from ideation to implementation. Whether you want to uncover new opportunities, or make a compelling pitch to leadership, we have you covered.
Product Development is about accomplishing a business objective. Along with our Continuous Technical Development Practice, we can go from blank sheet of paper to manufacturing hand off and everything in between.

Structured for every Innovator

No Contracts. No Hiring. Fixed Monthly Rate. No Hidden Costs or Surprise Fees. Scale Up or Down to your comfort.

Vetted and

Battle-tested Design professionals, with the best tools to create compelling form and design, and strategy

Seamless Transition from Product

Leverage our product engineering expertise to support in both validation and root cause analysis for issue resolution.

Style and Outcome Library

We maintain updated libraries of trends of product styles, features, reviews, that inform mature product and style positioning.

Innovation & Design Process

Our process begins with research which uncovers the target audience’s unmet needs. This helps set the context for a future product or service. We then come up with solutions that are unique, scalable and can adapt to future challenges. Our designers then embody these into physical or digital form as the need may be. We love solving challenges that are multidisciplinary in nature and create tech moats for our customers.

Uncovering Futures

We study emerging socio-technological trends to come up with solutions for unmet and emerging needs of the target audience.

Innovation & Mapping

We use various creative techniques to come up with future ready concepts and map them against the needs of the end user and your business.

Moodboards & Design

Moodboards are a visual reflection of the techno aesthetic landscape and help set the context for the design to thrive.

Feasibility & Refinement

We whet ideas for feasibility using the predefined parameters and refine those that show the most promise.

Many Industries.
One Partner, Bang Design.

Medical Devices

We design and develop medical devices to be patient friendly, intuitive for the users and within your budget. We also provide support for certification.

Consumer Electronics

We research style and demographic trends to identify uncontested niches for your products. Our designers style your product to fit this niche and deliver a competitive advantage.

Sports and Fitness

We create iconic designs by focusing on the users unmet needs and applying technological innovation to your products.

Visual Brand

Consumer Appliance

We design products that define their category, differentiate themselves and boost your brand.

Hassle-free Engagement. Seamless Execution.

Flexible and Scalable

No Contracts! Our Flexible 30-day subscriptions allow you to upgrade or pause your subscription at any time.

Unlimited Revisions​

Each Design can be revised as many times as it takes to get it to work.


Access our Teams Channel, with an intuitive folder structure, or add us to your Slack channel.

Advisory + Support

Our fees are for advisory and support, and not connected to production volumes and order sizes.

Team Library

Our team will use a growing library of over 1,000 part or assembly features, materials and finishes

Source Files​

From the first model to engineering ready assembly files, we provide native files in CREO, or Fusion360​.

100% Ownership​

Except for any prior art, you have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you.

Quality + Reliability​

Our teams ensure quality, safety, reliability & durability considerations as well as quick issue resolution.