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Revolutionary Customer Experience

Now customer can explore, customise, and price your product in real-time, all from the comfort of their couch.

2D Configurator for digital engagement and E-Commerce

Empower customers to personalize their purchases with a lightweight yet effective 2D configurator.

Build Confidence

Image quality is the most influential factor in 83% of Online Purchase. Across industries, we are experts in photorealistic 3D product renderings that build buyer confidence and increase sales.

Freedom of Choice

Convert up to 40% more consumers by allowing them to co-create with you using a 2D web product configurator. Customers are less likely to return goods they configured themselves.

Increase Brand Engagement

Prospects engage with your brand for much longer on the configurator. 80% of visitors return. Start a strong relationship by offering product customization.

Everything You Need

Custom Dashboard

Manage SKU Availability, Pricing, Colours, by Geography. Enable Dynamic Price Change and manage offers with a click of a button.

Custom Integration

Our product configurator is connected to your business, inventory and order management systems through an API.

Increased sales

Watch lead conversion rates soar as customers find exactly what they need.

Improved customer satisfaction

Build trust, increase anticipation and eliminate buyer’s remorse with a transparent, interactive sales process.

Enhanced brand perception

Stand out from the competition with a beautiful, customer-centric experience.

Valuable data and insights

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and buying behaviour.


Because each client is unique, flexibility is key for us. We offer a variety of implementation options to match your strategy and budget.

How it works

How to offer a seamless interactive e-commerce product customization experience

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ)

Generate artistic and professional price quotes even as your prospects engage with your product and brand

ECommerce Integrations

Integrate your custom product configuration solution with leading e-commerce platforms.

Boost your sales by integrating our product customization platform with enterprise CRM systems.

Easy Price comprehension even for complex options

With fast image loads, the interactive product-engagement platform adds credence to the price

Unlike conventional CPQ solutions, the primary layer of visual product data, with your product rules and options, provides a comprehensive quote, and eliminates confusion.

Drive growth through standardised configuration and quoting workflows. Add new configurations and prices in your existing back end.

Smooth and Guided Selling

Seamlessly update new products with new rendered assets. Propose new configurations and ensure consistent prices in the back end in your CRM and CPQ software.

Enriched CRM: Get real-time insights into your prospects’ engagement and level of interest. Capture accurate and useful data on product and SKU interest.

Automated Upselling: Increase revenue with automatic Visual suggestions for accessories, upgrades, cross-sells, and upsells.

E-Commerce Integrations

Case Study

How we helped an Agriculture-Construction-Mining Machinery Brand improve sales:


What You Get

2D Configurator

Supercharge brand engagement, and guided selling with a digital product configurator



Per 140 hours
For Assets + Scripts Development

Platform fee


Build your competitive edge. Drive sales and brand loyalty like never before.

Discover More

Empowering Customers with Personalized Creations

With an online configurator, you’re not just selling products, you’re giving customers the power to create their own vision. And an opportunity to engage endlessly with their favourite brand.
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