Bang Design

Set Your Team up for success without headaches

Get started working with an award winning team, as early as the next calendar month

35Mn units shipped

$500Mn revenue generated

$2Mn costs saved

250,000 lives saved

Bang Design enables companies to build distributed teams with strategic skills across Design, Marketing, Production, Innovation and Organisational transformation support. Through a flexible, ‘zero-capex’, ‘pay-as-you-grow’ subscription based engagement model, Bang Design mitigates traditional risks associated with establishing and operating global teams.

Our experience straddles unique needs across industries including telecommunications, agriculture, construction, and mining, transportation, and healthcare. We operate primarily in India, often forming seamless connections with brand and business legacy centres in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Australia, and SouthEast Asia.

35 Mn units shipped

$500 Mn revenue generated

$2 Mn costs saved

250,000 Lives saved

Not sure how to manage your costs?

We understand how you feel

59% of new initiatives and businesses run out of budget before success. Not having the right skills compounds the problem

Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines watching bigger teams launch faster?

You can’t get resource commitments from HQ, nor do you have the manpower commitment that the big staffing providers want.

Trusted by brands worldwide

We make setting up Micro-ODCs easy

And we hold your hand through the entire process


Your business and map it to our proprietary frameworks to improve design efficiency and eliminate wasteful spends. No function is too big or too small.


By starting your tasks with our award winning team to assess real opportunities. Experience the continuous improvement rigour we bring to our work.


Excellence starts when we hire your first product and brand champions. They bake in the same processes that save you time, energy and attention.


Your dedicated (or not, no compulsion) ODC in a variety of flavours - virtual/ physical/ production. Watch revenue and savings grow.

Stop Going at it Wrong, and Alone

Prioritise impactful work with your in-house team.. Our team of designers, marketers, analysts and engineers are dedicated to your long term success

Our processes have been proven over 23 years, 800+ programs, big and small. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t be intimidated by large challenges. We’ve got your back.

Your career, product, venture, department, and business are too precious to risk failing. Your Micro-ODC will provide strategy, systems and support.

Spotlight on the Value we are creating

Our Focus on Design, Engineering and Creative activities separates us from GCC, G-BOT, and similar managed services catering to the finance and services industries, focused on activities such as payment settlements, financial planning & analysis, invoicing, and reporting.


Telecom, Sports, Services Brands


Appliances and Manufacturers


Agriculture, Construction and Mining, Telecom, Fintech


Collateral Design for several technology and medical device businesses


Data visualisation for Traffic Planning and Railway Planning


Concierge tasks for onboarding new customers for niche SaaS


3D CGI Stills and Animated Assets for sellers with several SKUs and ODM relations

Climate and ESG

Data Visualization, GRI and TFDC Reporting Dashboards

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