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How To Set Up Your Team for Success

Dedicated Brand and Program Manager

We hire a creative program manager based on your individual needs. She/ he becomes your first brand champion.

Based on your subscription volume, your program manager gets priority access to 40+ resources and skills on demand to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Dedicated Team

First, our existing team takes time to understand how your business works, from brand and company culture, to your tech stack.

Next, we hire EVERY new resource based on your individual needs. These resources work full time for you. Senior exports monitor your programs from time to time.

Ready to Support Your Brand

No matter your need, we can find a resource to support your growth. Below is a snapshot of functions unlocking growth for various brands in their OCCs.

Immersive Experiences

Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations


Depending on your needs, we have the knowledge and expertise you need


Anyone = Great Idea

We empower both people and clients with a voice and a vote in the creative process. We believe that egoless collaboration will always garner the best results.


Steady Credible Business Results

Build the team of a $Bn brand. Engage relevant customers with data-driven insights, content creation, and personalized experiences.


New Markets

Get access to create custom solutions and marketing strategy for one of the fastest growing markets in the World, India. We become your local partners to scale your revenue operations.

Marketing Under Pressure, But Forced to Win?

Nearly 70% of marketing executives say that the past year has completely exhausted their employees. 17% of marketers are burnt out.

The pulse of customer change is fleeting. You’re unable to move at the pace of change.

You see 17% of marketers thriving. Their nimbleness enables them to bring pride, excitement and Spirit of Creation to their work


We Make Setting Up Offshore Creative Centers Easy

And we hold your hand through the entire process



Your business and map it to our proprietary frameworks to improve creative efficiency and eliminate wasteful spends. No function is too big or too small.



By starting your tasks with our award winning team to assess real opportunities. Experience the continuous improvement rigour we bring to our work.



Excellence starts when we hire your first product and brand champions. They bake in the same processes that save you time, energy and attention.



Your dedicated (or not, no compulsion) OCC in a variety of flavor's. Watch revenue and savings grow. After we ensure a smooth start, we will also check-in regularly and you can reach us any time.

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With the internet becoming the communication medium of choice, it makes sense for businesses to outsource, and maybe offshore, tasks that can be delivered digitally. Especially high intensity, or repetitive tasks. There is no limit to the type of service, but digital marketing and product development are particularly amenable to outsourcing to the right teams. Offshoring provides the two additional benefits of significantly lower costs, AND work can be finished during the hours you, your team, and your business are dormant. It helps that businesses working with Bang Design do not need to set up a new legal entity in a different country. Ultimately it comes down to your business imperatives.

This is similar to the subscription, except that you get a dedicated team, and/or a dedicated program manager. You can also request for skills outside of the Bang Design’s core service offerings. And you commit to as less as a quarter in the OCC model, as against just one month in subscription.
In the rare case that you are unhappy with the resources, then we will hire new or exchange resources with another team.

You let us know a month in advance if you would like to pause your OCC. The resources are then shifted to meet demand from other customers.

We used to restrict new OCC subscribers to just 2-3 per year between 2017-2022. However, since 2023, we have the organisation, design and creative systems in place to create new teams, or serve new subscribers, at scale.

We look for objective ego-free collaboration. Everyone gets to have a say, but at any point, it is the prerogative of the single person in charge of a task to accept or reject an idea. The best outcomes are possible when no one cares who gets the credit. See the resources links for best practices guides. It takes time – a few months – for teams to align to get the best from each other. Along the way, we create systems to enable effectiveness with minimum communication. And focus on executing well in advance of the due dates. If conflicts continue despite our best efforts to mitigate them, then we will request to pause the engagement. Should this occur, it would be the first instance since 2013.

This is up to you. Your Brand OCC team can work from our offices in Bangalore, India. Or, we can create independently housed teams in 4 other cities in India. Program managers in the US and EU work from home, or from coworking spaces.

Yes. You can pause. We will always try to get your original team back for you.

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