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We are Bang Design, a team of Indian product designers based out of Bangalore, India, with collaborators and partners across Asia, Europe and North America. We design, create, re-imagine and reinvent products for the world. Be it our quirky wearables or our AI camera that helped capture the best moments technology has always been at the heart of every design we have curated. We want products to inspire by bringing in playful moments with design, something no one has ever seen or done before. We believe in simplicity and honesty in our products, ensuring they blend easily into our everyday lifestyles with an aim to make them universally acceptable, collectible, and above all fashionable.

We Are Building The World’s Best Consumer Product Development Platform

Work with a partner that works as hard to earn your trust, as they do their own results

They make big promises. We bring data

We parse several sources to capture data on features, reviews and form trends

They’ve got a case study. We have playbooks

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They collect paychecks. We collect Wins

Collaborative Stake-In-Outcome. Unlimited Revisions. Perpetual Warranty.

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A trusted partner ecosystem de-risks your venture’s biggest assumptions, and makes it real, faster

Creating a product that solves a problem and makes one’s life easier is what product design is all about. Product design is a process that makes use of appropriate skills and the ability to brainstorm the design of a product.  

When you design a product, you play a large role in creating something that is as functional as it is beautiful. A quality product can change someone’s life. An excellent designer must ask lots of questions, can handle complexity, and at the same time be aware of the importance of details. 


At Bang Design, we are a team of creative, skilled professional Indian product designers who deliver innovative designs, ensuring brand consistency and clear brand messaging. Our professional expertise enables us to do this both efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Stack: Data + Creativity + Development + Ecosystem

Only disciplined experimentation results in heresy and reinvention 


Data and Strategy

We analyse and filter thousands of data points: customer reviews, product features, and product and form trends.
Algorithms help automate decisions from ideation to market sizing, and project potential investment for development.

Design Forecasting
Product Positioning
SKU Planning
Product Specifications
Decision Framework
Manufacturing Planning 


Emotional Design

Bang Design crafts exceptionally designed products for our brands and ventures that inspire delight and loyalty in the people who use them

Product Configuration and Industrial Design
Component configuration optimisation
Product Ideation
Design feasibility review
Form Design
Visual Brand Design Language
Complex CAD surfacing, C3 continuity
Colours and Finishes 


Mechanical Concept Development

We develop clever, elegant, and robust mechanical concepts to solve difficult engineering problems

Mechanical Concept Development
10,000+ Feature Bank
Creative assembly and finish strategies
Mechanism design
Component packaging
Mechanical product architecture
Material Selection
Structural design (no analysis) 


DFMA Makes It Real

We use the latest 3D CAD tools and deep knowledge of many manufacturing processes to develop tool-ready data for custom mechanical parts

Top-down driven 3D CAD Data
Schematics and layouts for Hardware
Design for manufacturing and assembly
Engineering Reviews
Assembly fixture design
2D Drawings including GD&T
BOMs and assembly instructions
PLM (coming soon) 


Leverage Agile Supply Chain

We are a fab-free product development company. Work with resources in our proven partner ecosystem or with your choice of manufacturing partners

Partner Liaison
Preparation of RFQ packages
Partner capability evaluation
Prototype vendor management
DFM/DFA negotiations
Engineering sample reviews
Tooling design and part sample review
Mechanical and Electrical test oversight
Onsite production ramp support 



Build the team you need to sustain a culture of innovation after launch

Screen for Personality and Communication
In-Depth Skill Review
Live Screening by functional experts
Technical assessment tests
Test projects 3h – 3wk long 

A Portfolio of Changemakers

Start-Ups to Fortune 50s trust us to innovate for them

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Co-Venture Model not right for you? No Problem. We also work for fee-for-services with select brands

The 3 Design Elements

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when looking at the sea of products out there. There are literally thousands of products available. This can be overwhelming to a business, especially when you’re just getting started. It’s not easy coming up with that creative ‘ah-ha!’ moment that changes product design forever. 

Our approach to Product design involves careful consideration of

  1. Form and proportion
  2. Alignment and symmetry
  3. Detail quality
  4. Function innovation in strap
  5. Colour – Basic, secondary and accents
  6. Surface Treatment, Textures and pattern
  7. Logotype and Graphics

Beauty is a much misunderstood basic human need, and is a fundamental component of every successful, competitive product. For a product to be successful, it must appeal to the modern consumer and address their needs and wants. Visual aesthetics can make or break a product — it needs to look appealing so that the user is drawn to it and desires to use it for its prompt and helpful functionality.

The Indian product designers at Bang Design can create a product that will be attractive and easy to use. We have the experience needed to develop a product that performs well and is reliable.

Requirements for Product Design 

When it comes to the needs for product design, it depends entirely on the chosen target audience. The first is when a product is intended to appeal to a broad audience, and it is nearly impossible to determine who will use it. Therefore, the requirements are rather vague. The second option implies a clear understanding of customer requirements for product design. 

For the consumer to choose their preferred solution, the Indian product designers typically submit several wireframes that correspond to all requirements.

Process of a Product Design 

Developing new products is a lot of fun. The whole process is an evolution of iterations, inspiration, putting ideas through the wringer, trying them on users, revising, and revising them some more.

 The path to every well-designed product starts with insightful analysis of the problem. What are the steps that are involved in the design of a product?

Spend a bit of time getting to know your user. Really. Find out as much as you can about them. The first step is always the hardest!

Define the unique proposition of your brand and the experience you want to deliver.

Make a list of all ideas you can think of. Throw away conventional-minded thinking and the norm. Create a number of solutions by giving your team total freedom.

Create a rough draft to test out your idea. A prototype will help you decide if you’re heading in the right direction and it often spurs on different ideas than you would have thought of on your own.


Approach people who have experience with your product or service, and ask them to test it for you.

 To sum up, always remember that design is about solving problems for people. To do this, you must define your target audience, study their needs, and build a product that addresses those needs. 

If you are looking to hire top-class Indian product designers, Bang Design is your best bet. We are the most effective design firm at turning creative ideas into compelling visuals.

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