Handheld: Ultra Rugged Tablets

Perfectly Stylish, Seriously Rugged

The Algiz RT-7

For long, established brands had typically large, clunky, and rugged tablets working on previous generation wireless technologies. These products ran Windows Ce and dominated the rugged computing industry. However, the OS was no longer the first choice among tablets, Android had taken over.

Sweden’s Handheld Group read the situation perfectly. While they had Windows Ce based products in their portfolio, they realized it was time to switch over to Android. It was also time to revamp their products and make a tablet that was sleek, tough and could be carried in one hand. Perfectly ergonomic, seriously rugged, and ready for any task, introducing— 7-inch Algiz RT7!

“E-Ticketing Capable Rugged Android Tablet” – Retail Technology Review

Resilient and Reliable

From day one, we at Bang Design, crafted the Algiz RT7 to be a multi-functional device. The tablet would serve the needs of sales and field force automation, warehousing, and logistics; even in commercial and rugged environments. In order to be efficient in these circumstances, the Algiz RT7 sports a chemically toughened glass bonded to a bright display. This allows the user to read data off the screen even in the brightest daylight. 

Tough, Rugged, Convenient

The Algiz RT7’s physical design balances rugged and lightweight ergonomics. It was designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to carry. As a result, you have a tablet that weighs just 650 grams and yet meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military standards.

The MIL-STD-810G standards require the tablet to survive extreme temperatures, drops and vibrations, be dustproof and be waterproof. How did we achieve this?

The Algiz RT7 tablet is designed to sport co-molded TPU bumpers. These bumpers help the tablet withstand the exacting drop test. Internally, the electronic components are shock mounted in order to pass the vibration test. The tablet’s IP65 rating implies that it is waterproof and fully protected against sand and dust. A combination of sealing and isolation of the expansion ports helped achieve this. The method is called the flush and dry technique; the ports are protected through conformal coating and isolated from the main electronics. In layman terms, if the device is immersed in water with the port cap open, voila! It remains fully functional.

As tough as it is, the Algiz RT7 is very easy to carry. Users can attach the separately sold strap to the RT7 using the four mounting points on its rear cover. This strap allows the user to slip their gloved hands through and carry the product without clutching it.

Features That Pack A Punch!

Alongside the essentials stated, the Algiz RT7 also possesses a range of nifty features. The tablet holds a powerful and rechargeable Li-Ion battery for those long days in the field. Talking to or texting anyone and anywhere is easy with the inbuilt LTE tech. Using the tablet in remote and uncharted areas? No problem! The integrated GPS and eCompass will guide you to your destination. With cameras on the front and rear (8 MP), you can take pictures or make video calls. Instant e-ticketing is another neat feature packed into the tablet. This is easily done using the inbuilt NFC antenna and software. 

Peripherals And Expansion

Beyond its inbuilt features, the Algiz RT7 can be configured for a variety of custom applications. For example, the expansion ports such as USB, RJ-45 etc can be used to talk to legacy communication devices. Users can also add printers to the product. These custom designed units are mounted to the back of the tablet and connect with it through the pogo pins provided. 

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