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THE KIBA STORY; Take Pictures On The Spur Of The Moment

As the market for home AI camera products grew, it became more competitive with similar products. Companies began innovating in new and meaningful ways to stay relevant to counter this threat. Men bought most of these early AI cameras for security. As women started purchasing these devices more often, they wanted security with fun. They felt that the device should look good, take pictures with the family on its own. The result is the birth of the Kiba AI Camera to address just this need.

“Kiba is the World’s first Interactive Self-Editing Camera ” - Gadget Flow

“Have you ever had a moment in life that you wish was recorded as it was happening so that you don’t have to recreate it again?” - Geek Fence

“Kiba is an automated home video maker that takes care of the filming and editing for you” - Digital Trends


The Kiba AI camera has a good sensor that takes beautiful pictures. What was needed was that it looked as good as the pictures it took ! To achieve this, we worked with technology partners and manufacturers to ensure that the design style was retained. Our efforts resulted in the Kiba AI camera achieving just that.

The camera houses a sensor with a field of view of 94 degrees. This wide field means that it can be set up at any corner of the house or even on a car dashboard. This meant that you could cover a party in a room or take pictures while driving. Taking pictures is what it does, but the device’s secret sauce is it’s Joy Ranking algorithm. This allows the Kiba AI Camera to detect excitement in everyday life.

For example, it will know that your baby is taking its first steps while the picture shows a routine scene. Or that the party is turning exciting in a corner of the room ! While the camera records through the day, the self learning algorithm filters out the routine stuff retaining the Kodak moments. But that’s not all as the Kiba device is wifi enabled. The device then uses the home wifi to upload them to the cloud. This allows the customer to be a part of the moment and relive it forever. 

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