Microbial Air Sampler

Elegance and Portability to Lab Equipment


The Microbial Air Sampler Story

For many years Microbial Air Samplers were large, clunky boxes made of stainless steel. A lot of this owes to the fact that they’re specialist products and sold in low volumes. Our clients Honeywell and PMI wanted to change that. We were engaged to redesign the existing product to make it more elegant. The MiniCapt is a result of our efforts in design and systems engineering.

We designed the new device to make microbial air sampling easy. To do this, we worked with Honeywell and PMI to apply modern technology in a user friendly design. One such feature that makes it easy to use is the large capacitive and sliding touchscreen. This makes it easy to use with gloves and without the need for a stylus. As a result, the new microbial air sampler not only saves time but also reduces operator error. 

The microbial air sampler is a scientific product used to measure air quality. As such it’s design should be as neat and clean as possible. Only then can it convince customers about it’s technical quality. We achieved a high quality design by using PTC Creo software. Creo’s surfacing capabilities helped us deliver an elegant design to our client.

An elegant design also needs to be compact. Only this can make the device mobile. Using Creo, we could house the technology in a compact manner. Moreover the device needs to be as light as possible to be mobile. This called for research into materials and manufacturing. We achieved this in time and at cost for our client. As a result, the new design is an innovative, structurally strong, light and mobile, air sampler. This has helped our client sell more units than possible in the past. 

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