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MoonWalkr Mind: The Origins

Cricket helmets have not changed over the years. Designed in cooler countries for Test Matches, they offered only the basic protection for the head. In cooler countries like England, this was more than enough. However, the game has shifted to a new home, the Indian Subcontinent, a hot and humid place. It has also evolved into two faster variants, the T20 and the ODI which are more demanding. As such the older designs drag down the players’ performance. Moonwalkr Mind is our attempt to correct this situation. Read on below to learn more about this revolutionary new helmet. 

How We Designed The Moonwalkr Mind?

Modern T20 and ODI players are athletes who repeatedly sprint the 22 yards with full gear. And under heat, humidity and pressure. They need to think fast and keep cool at the same time. Protection is a must, but not at the cost of performance. We feel that the Moonwalkr Mind solves these conflicting requirements.

Todays player is also more self confident and stylish than those before. They want their gear to reflect their style. And they want it to be as light and comfortable as possible. As such, the Moonwalkr Mind reflects the modern cricketer in style and substance.

Moonwalkr Mind is the safest, lightest, best ventilated and most stylish cricket helmet ever.We have achieved this through cutting edge vent design and styling. Using advanced software like PTC Creo, we have also kept it as light and strong as possible. Since we used as less material as possible we were able to bring down the cost. At only Rs 4999, the helmet disrupts an otherwise stagnant product category.

With Moonwalkr Mind, we showcased the best of our skills across design, materials, manufacturing and performance engineering to deliver a compelling product at an inviting price. We have received rave reviews from PTC and the sports media online. Please visit the links below to find out what people have wrote about us. 

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