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Great products don’t just happen – they take grit, determination and persistence. It is an iterative process of discovery and revisions. You start with a vision and many good ideas floating around looking for the right places to land. All it takes is the right set of innovators, a product design company in India, to bring your ideas to life. They can design your product with the efficiency of a seasoned engineer and the aesthetic sensibility of an artist. They can craft your product to fit any trend or industry. At Bang Design, we do not just that, but also through the weight of our experience as venture partners behind the project.

We Are Building The World’s Best Consumer Product Development Platform

Work with a partner that works as hard to earn your trust, as they do their own results

They make big promises. We bring data

We parse several sources to capture data on features, reviews and form trends

They’ve got a case study. We have playbooks

With starter configurations, save up to 60% iteration time. Launch bravely into the Wild

They collect paychecks. We collect Wins

Collaborative Stake-In-Outcome. Unlimited Revisions. Perpetual Warranty.

They Deliver Reports. We stay for the Results

A trusted partner ecosystem de-risks your venture’s biggest assumptions, and makes it real, faster

Bang Design is a product design company in India founded upon two superpowers: an ability to move big ideas forward in a shared outcome model, and an unrelenting dedication to the design and development process. We are results-driven and transparent. An idea doesn’t become a successful product or service without help from all corners. So whether you need us to save the day quickly on a simple project, or you want us to build an amazing product

The Stack: Data + Creativity + Development + Ecosystem

Only disciplined experimentation results in heresy and reinvention 


Data and Strategy

We analyse and filter thousands of data points: customer reviews, product features, and product and form trends.
Algorithms help automate decisions from ideation to market sizing, and project potential investment for development.

Design Forecasting
Product Positioning
SKU Planning
Product Specifications
Decision Framework
Manufacturing Planning 


Emotional Design

Bang Design crafts exceptionally designed products for our brands and ventures that inspire delight and loyalty in the people who use them

Product Configuration and Industrial Design
Component configuration optimisation
Product Ideation
Design feasibility review
Form Design
Visual Brand Design Language
Complex CAD surfacing, C3 continuity
Colours and Finishes 


Mechanical Concept Development

We develop clever, elegant, and robust mechanical concepts to solve difficult engineering problems

Mechanical Concept Development
10,000+ Feature Bank
Creative assembly and finish strategies
Mechanism design
Component packaging
Mechanical product architecture
Material Selection
Structural design (no analysis) 


DFMA Makes It Real

We use the latest 3D CAD tools and deep knowledge of many manufacturing processes to develop tool-ready data for custom mechanical parts

Top-down driven 3D CAD Data
Schematics and layouts for Hardware
Design for manufacturing and assembly
Engineering Reviews
Assembly fixture design
2D Drawings including GD&T
BOMs and assembly instructions
PLM (coming soon) 


Leverage Agile Supply Chain

We are a fab-free product development company. Work with resources in our proven partner ecosystem or with your choice of manufacturing partners

Partner Liaison
Preparation of RFQ packages
Partner capability evaluation
Prototype vendor management
DFM/DFA negotiations
Engineering sample reviews
Tooling design and part sample review
Mechanical and Electrical test oversight
Onsite production ramp support 



Build the team you need to sustain a culture of innovation after launch

Screen for Personality and Communication
In-Depth Skill Review
Live Screening by functional experts
Technical assessment tests
Test projects 3h – 3wk long 

A Portfolio of Changemakers

Start-Ups to Fortune 50s trust us to innovate for them

You Should Too

Performance Plans That Grow With Your Brand

A Stake-In-Outcome collaborative venture structure leads to superior product quality, smoother and faster production releases, and ultimately a better return on investment for all. Choose from one of,

Starts at


/month per subscription unit 



Keep More Runway. Shoot for the Moon
Starts at


/month per subscription unit 



Pure Performance
Starts at


/month per subscription unit 

Co-Venture Model not right for you? No Problem. We also work for fee-for-services with select brands

Why Choose Us

The experience you want – the expertise you need – the results you deserve! Fast, Affordable & Hassle-free Product Design Company

We go beyond wow

We are here to help you create an identity that will be treasured for years to come. Whether you’re looking for something super corporate or fun and simple, we’ve got you covered. We’re a crew of talented designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs that thrive off creating the new. We take pride in thinking outside the box while staying true to each brand’s DNA.

We Make Products that Matter 

We’re a product design company in India filled with a diverse range of innovators who all come together to create things we deem worthy. We believe in what we make and strive to advance the human experience.

Partners in Excellence

Having launched over 400 products with 60+ businesses, we’ve built the best platform for projects and startups alike. Companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50s rely on Bang Design to innovate. But we don’t take our success for granted. We are dedicated to delivering the best, to keep coming out with innovative products that continue to push beyond expectations, and to satisfy our partners every step of the way.
We stand by our principles (H3)
At Bang Design, we believe superior design is a necessity to win user confidence and loyalty. We are always exploring creative ways to solve creative problems. We make products that make you excited about waking up in the morning because you can’t wait to put them into action in your life. Your vision is our aim, and we will work together through every stage of product development to make your vision a reality.

How We Work 

The design process is a fun journey that takes you from a blank page or a simple idea to a final, finished product that customers love. The factors that influence your choice of materials and finishes, as well as how you present your designs to the public, are all part of the design process.

The research and design process lies at the heart of what we do at Bang Design. It is what enables us to create products that are different, creative, innovative, and striking.

Data-driven Product Development

A lot of factors go into product design. As a leading product design company in India, we analyze and filter thousands of data points and develop numerous algorithms to automate important decisions. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to find your way.

Innovative Designs – Delightful Experiences 

We never stop exploring. Technology, trends, and people shape our work, and we translate those inspirations into innovative product designs that connect with people on an emotional level.

Creative Engineering Solutions 

We engineer innovative ideas that work. We share our knowledge and experience with clients, to make their process easier and more profitable.

Custom design and rapid prototyping

Our goal is to help you develop custom mechanical assemblies from scratch. That’s why we use the latest 3D CAD tools and deep knowledge of many manufacturing processes to develop tool-ready data for custom mechanical parts and design and document custom mechanical assemblies from scratch.

We’d love the chance to tell you how we can help you create a product that’s uniquely your own.
Reach out to us for more information!

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