Bang Design

Forward-looking Design for improved passenger experience and intermodality.

Our Expertise Increasing the Attractiveness of Rail

Bang Design supports manufacturers, operators, engineering companies, and infrastructure companies in making rail more attractive for passengers and freight transport.

We have participated in projects for high speed, intercity, regional trains, urban rail and tram cars, often behind the scenes. Our expertise spreads across the entire product development, promotion, and life cycle upgrades - from user studies, product and service experience design, liaison with software and hardware development, through testing and validation, commissioning, to visualization for emotional appeal. No project is too simple or too complex whether it is for marketing alone, or to solve for safety, health and environmental standards and requirements. Our agile engagement model enables all ecosystem players to benefit from our innovations and services.

Why Bang Design

Deep Insight

Our vantage point for international collaborations is India, the world's largest rail market with 24 million passengers traveling daily on more than 22,000 trains


Our customers are frequently surprised with how much they save, even if that was not the goal, in engaging our services.


Whether you need a single deep skill, or access to 30, the subscription model provides unlimited flexibility between consultative approach, creative problem solving, as well as providing peripheral services.

No Limits to Imagination

2D Renders and 3D animations video can represent the real positioning of your brand. Create curiosity and reassure your prospective customers about your product.

What We Do

1.Rolling Stock Design

We create attractive and efficient exterior and interiors design for new and legacy vehicle fleets. This increases both the attractiveness of travelling by metro, tram, suburban and regional railway or long-distance train, as well as the passenger comfort – and all this while maintaining the highest safety standards.

2.Visual Brand Language

Regional operators want to present themselves uniquely to set themselves apart from other cities. We help operator brands deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints of their service.

3. Fusing Industrialization with Human Factors

With our knowledge and Experience, we help manufacturers and operators with

Combining theoretical techniques, cognitive tools and anthropometric data with practical experimentation, our award-winning Human Factors team places the human element at the heart of our design process.

4.Integrated Service Experience Design

“If you’re working in travel, you’re working in the entertainment industry”.

Operators have to balance the technical ingenuity of mass transit, with the demands of customers who have very little appreciation for that side of the business. The tube, stations and rail cars are together, very constricted environments with limited options for getting people through faster. Any change to the status quo typically requires expensive reconstruction or engineering modification and hence rarely happens.

Better Design helps improve the service experience

5. Visualization Prior to Investment

Get photo-realistic and Hollywood style imagery and animations to inspire your investors, stakeholders, customers and passengers. We provide static imagery for digital distribution, as well as animated fly throughs and marketing videos.

6.Creating Future Vision

New technology and sustainability concerns will radically reshape our transport infrastructure, while new business models and leisure expectations are changing our mobility needs.

We create new transportation visions for the near future in response to these exciting technological and social changes. These ideas push the boundaries of what is possible while remaining relevant and realistic.

What You Get as a Bang Design Customer

Your Transformation Begins Here!

Seamless Workflow

Painless workflow through a multi-skill team that truly has your back.

Battery Of Skills

Access over 40+ discrete award winning skills needed to go from Idea to market, all in a single subscription.

Unlimited Projects and Requests

Truly no limit to changes and even strategy and product pivots.

The Stack

Your work will stand on the shoulders of expert practices honed over 23 years

Flexible and Scalable

Pause and resume as priorities change

Get access for less than $625/week

Like What You See But Want to Know More?

Like What You See But Want to Know More?