Industrial Design &

The artefact is the ultimate tangible connection to the user. Our most fundamental discipline, industrial design underpins every aspect of the development process

  • Product Design Language
  • Communication via 2D renderings and 3D animations with Colours and Finishes
  • Integrated Design Refinement and Manufacturing Engineering
  • IP strategy
  • Tricky Assemblies and Mechanisms
  • Co-Development with Hardware Teams
  • Design for Audio clarity
  • Sophisticated Materials and Novel Manufacturing Processes
  • Effects of Complex Environmental Stress, Thermal or Vibration Issues
  • Prototyping and Testing

Pre Manufacturing

Developing a product with class leading performance is hard. Achieving this within competitive cost targets is harder.

  • High or Low Volume Manufacturing Strategy
  • Integrating Mouldability with Design
  • DFX
  • CMF proposals
  • Tooling Analysis
  • Cost or Schedule Optimisation
  • Supplier RFI, RFQ, negotiation and selection
  • Liaison, Root Cause Analysis and Course Corrections
  • Cosmetic Sample Management

Service &
Digital Experience Design

We create beautiful experiences based on real user needs

  • User Observation and Shadowing
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Persona Definition and User Journey Map
  • Workflow and Robotic Process Analysis
  • Scenario Development
  • Cross Media Interaction Concepts
  • Information Architecture
  • Design of AI content and method of training and feedback
  • Visual Design and Style Guide
  • Design for Native Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Service Experience Prototyping

Redesign Business Futures

Now is the time to slow down and ask the important questions. And take the right decisions

  • Product and Competitive Landscape Audits
  • Future Casting and Opportunity Assessment
  • New business model innovations
  • Focused scan of design driven venture landscape for potential M&A, including due diligence
  • Structured Model and Playbook for Captive Design Centers

Medical and Scientific

We’re increasingly working on point of care or portable home use self-test devices. We work predominantly in these areas

  • Diagnostic devices
  • Scientific advanced technology instruments
  • ‘Consumerization of high tech healthcare devices
  • Orthopaedic and rehabilitation
  • General hospital equipment
  • Medical electromechanical
  • Dental and ophthalmic

Commercial and Industrial

In business to business brands, the purchaser and user are usually separated. Added to this are demanding legislative requirements

  • Products for Rugged Environments
  • Safety Critical Products
  • Complex Systems Design
  • Military Handhelds and ManPacks
  • Large Size products
  • Managing Regulatory Risks
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Engineering for Low Volume Production


Consumer brands are built through great design on the surface, and exacting engineering at the soul

  • Holistic physical and digital sensorial experiences
  • Integrated styling and technical complexity solutions
  • Updating existing products
  • Conceptualising and Testing new Products
  • Competitor benchmarks
  • Innovative Dispensing Devices and Packaging


Creating future mobility solutions that can lead the market requires a multidisciplinary approach to design and delivery. Our focus areas are

  • Micromobility
  • RailCar Interiors
  • Aircraft Interiors
  • Material Handling Vehicles
  • UX for Semi Autonomous Systems
  • Functional Rigs and Ergonomic Mock-Ups
  • Communicating new visions: AR and Virtual Prototyping

Captive Innovation

Traditionally offshore captive centres face the challenges of low productivity, cost escalation, talent crunch, and low centre maturity. In our engagement model, we take on a Hero project for the International brand. We recruit the first members for their local innovation team. The team initially works with us on this project, and after a period of project maturity and transition, are transferred to the client organisation. This team then becomes the first design and development champions of the brand.

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