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Increase sales and customer engagement with photorealistic renderings and animations 

Compelling Concepts into Customer Delight

Breathing life into ideas is our forte. Leave it to us to flesh out the ideas, conceptualize and visualize the output you want to achieve. With our expertise in Industrial Design, bolstered by our presence and experience in various markets, we craft top-notch products.

During the nascent stages of devising a product, we undertake a lot more than the delivery of quality innovation and fine engineering. Keeping in mind the product brief and requirement, the consumer’s needs, and market trends, we strive to create unique, smart and discernable visual design. We help in establishing guidelines for the Design Language that would best suit the product. Alternatively, we can align with pre-established, tried and tested styles set by your brand. 

The Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Once the product is near its final form and manifestation, its last leg to fruition includes perfect packaging-one that compels the consumer. Unaware of the toil, effort and nitty-gritties involved in the process of creation from the very first seed of the idea for the product, the consumer is simply looking for their money’s worth. At Bang Design, we take the consumer’s experience very seriously. From the time they unbox their purchase to the feel of holding it in their hands, we look forward to making their experience worthwhile.

Packaging and enhancing user experiences across all fronts of a single product can be absolute mayhem. By unifying the delivery style from tip-to-toe, with the same tone across the outer package, the welcome guides and manuals required, warranty and guarantee receipts, and the how-to questions that the consumer poses, we create an affair of utmost delight.

Orbic: A Case Study

Bang Design worked with Orbic to create a wide range of smart devices. Since we drove the process from the embryonic stages for each product, the knowledge we garnered boosted our ability to steer the collaterals of the projects.

With complete access to the technical and fundamental details of the devices, our team was able to fashion distinct manuals. Here’s what we achieved:

  1. Quick Start Guide
    Imagine picking up a brand new device—an exciting gleamy and dreamy gadget! How does one go about using it? Our team designed an easy-to-read Quick Start Guide that directs the user to get their device up and running swiftly

  2. User Manual
    The User Manual holds all the answers to one’s intricate questions about their device. It is a comprehensive guide made by our team; the team who is well-versed with the ins and outs of the device. Uploaded on the product’s website, the manual holds all the details about the gadget. With quick links that provide easy access and direct users to exactly what they’re looking for, it arms them to understand their device and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

We empowered users to explore and gain a complete grasp over the extensive realm existing within their smart devices.

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