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After 100s of design and development projects, the biggest hurdle to our market success was finding appropriate manufacturing partners. We set out to solve this for our design and engineering subscribers. The uncomfortable truth is there is no easy way to recommend a partner. Sorting through directories, identifying, assessing, and engaging with the right quality supplier who offers the most economical value, is a herculean task. We make it easier for you to strike the perfect deal.

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No Contracts. No Hiring. Fixed Monthly Rate. No Hidden Costs or Surprise Fees. Scale Up or Down to your comfort.

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Battle-tested Design professionals, with the best tools to create compelling form and design, and strategy

Get Boots on the

Things go wrong in manufacturing all the time. Consistent oversight can avoid preventable mistakes. Put out fires when they do happen before they get big.

Seamless transition from Product

Leverage our product engineering expertise to support in both validation and root cause analysis for issue resolution.

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Who We Serve

E-Commerce Sellers

Looking to source specific SKUs from India? We will find the resources to do a full build. Or manage updates and derivatives with your current ODM.

D2C Brands

Need to update design, find a new factory, or relocate manufacturing, we have you covered.

Technology Brands

Transitioning from hardware and firmware to full product builds? We can help you fill the gaps.

Manufacturing processes

We have a long history with Injection Moulding, Die Casting, forming; machining,, extrusions; and now also induction coils, metal injection moulding, and hardware assembly

Key Solutions

Depending on where you are on your production journey, you can leverage

Validation Before Production

Prior to production, our Product Engineering Practice Teams validate the performance specifications through rigorous reliability testing with partner labs. We manage
all critical workflows with the factory leading up to creating efficient manufacturing lines. At each phase of testing, we provide a risk-mitigation plan before moving forward.

  • Background checks
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Quality system auditing
  • Engineering resources
  • Pricing, negotiation, & contracts

If you are already a subscriber to our product engineering service, you do not have to subscribe for this in addition.

Supply Chain Discovery

New Factory Identification: Typically takes 3-4 working days – is more than browsing and sending emails. We find you the qualified export-ready suppliers or component sources for your needs from the most relevant directories and our own network of manufacturers in India and China.

Supplier Background Check: fact-checking and confirming that they’re a legitimate manufacturer who can produce your order. Typically takes 4-5 working days.

Shared Supplier Management: Close contact with suppliers, in their language, as well as their preferred communication tools (Whatsapp, Wechat, QQ), to manage your projects and orders in the future.

Supplier Performance Liaison

Liaison for Root Cause Analysis: This is an offshoot of our Product Engineering Practice. We report in detail using the most appropriate medium – visuals, comments, or spreadsheets.

Enabling Supplier Self-Inspection

  • Define and describe the problem
  • Identify, describe, and verify root causes
  • Corrective action plan
  • Implementation and validate corrective actions
  • Take preventive measures
  • Review inspection plans, quality standards, checklists, necessary equipment and procedures.

Factory Audits

Initial Factory Evaluation: Get a report of Factory profile, products in production, audit of one production line with process steps, type and number of machines; quality system, working environment, and equipment condition; photographs of the factory building, production workshop, warehouse, office area, and of business license, export license, and any certificates.

Quality Systems Audit: In addition to above, internal QC activities, use of data for fixing issues, work instructions.

Supplier Performance Liaison

First Article and Product Inspections
  • Random Inspection: check quantity and average quality (including packing) before shipment. This is the most common type of inspection.
  • In Production Inspection: check quality before many pieces are completed, to get an early warning signals.
  • Full Production Check: after an order is completed, have 100% of the products checked.
  • Production Monitoring & Reporting: set a program of visits for monitoring both product quality and production progress.

Compliance Testing Liaison: We have broad experience of working on compliance validation on production batches. We analyze regulations from the USA, the European Union, Canada, and Australia.

Quality Assurance Consulting: Is a mix of on-site work with the manufacturers’ staff, and office work for following up, and reviewing documents and videos.

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