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Increase sales and customer engagement with photorealistic renderings and animations

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We take the hassle out of computer assisted imagery.

Hollywood Grade Animations

Tell the most compelling stories to your audience.

Diverse Services

From 3D CAD creation to photorealistic, computer-generated imagery and animations.

Stunning Visuals

Conjure up incredible new worlds, or sensational CGI that converts at Amazon online marketplace.

Why is Digital Visualization Necessary for Product Companies?​

Upto 6x cheaper

It costs $5,000 on average to organize a product photoshoot, with no flexibility for changes to the good captures. With our visualization subscription, you can get 30 renders and a video in that price, with iterations. Catch a product feature that could be a costly mistake quicker by showcasing to customers. 

Hassle Free Control

We’ve launched products. It used to take transporting goods from China, choosing locations and props, staging and lighting to get decent one-time product shots. With artistic and technical CGI talent we adjust perspective, composition, lighting, for visual consistency across multiple SKUs and mediums. 

No Limits to Imagination

2D Renders and 3D animation videos can represent the real positioning of your brand with greater creative freedom in colours, materials, finishes, and product environments. Create curiosity and reassure your prospective customers about your product. 

Flexible and Expedient

Product photographs are final versions. And needs manufactured items. 3D models can be used to iterate on packaging artwork, print collateral and online assets needed to start selling and marketing, while the product is still being engineered or manufactured. Produce and bank easy-to-edit layered assets to expedite large volume turnarounds. 

Trusted by Partners and Brands


Simple Catalog Render

Catalog shots are appropriate for E-Commerce websites where you need a clear or flat background. 


Use a mix of different asset types and styles to build the most appropriate narrative for your product.

Cut-Section Render

Use cut sections to showcase the internal functioning of your technical componentry.

Technical Exploded View

Animated disassembly is a great tool to reveal how your product works, while adding more mystery.

Detailed Render

Show off the finer details that make your product unique.

Context and Infographic Creatives

Animated disassembly is a great tool to reveal how your product works, while adding more mystery

Product SKU Colourways

Show the range of your color offering. Blow them away with choice.

In-Context Render

Help your product stand out within the context that matters. Save thousands as you create compelling images at a fraction of the cost and time. 

Teaser Render

Is your product close to launch? Tease the market with creatives that seed anticipation.

Product Animations

Demonstrate your product offering and what makes it unique, for potential investors and crowdfunding campaigns

Interactive Turntable Renders

Provide your consumer with an interactive experience that converts.

360 Interactive Visuals

Customers view 360 images for much longer than a still image. Increase customer engagement and buyer confidence.

Online Product Configurator

We use third-party tools to simulate an online purchase experience for your customers.

Technical Illustrations and Infographics

Custom illustrated infographics to provide the user with everything they need to know and increase the likelihood of purchase.






Submit reference image files and dimensions that accurately and completely represent your 3D model. Or better still, provide 3D CAD files and a physical material reference. The more detail you provide the better the results! 
We prepare from scratch or modify to ensure it meets quality standards. If it is a 2D animation, we skip this step. 


Visual Brand Language

Without reading a word, prospective customers should know that each SKU is a genuine representation of your brand. If you do not have an established Visual Brand Language (VBL), we will work with your team to establish one. 


Storyboards and Studio Setup

Once the CAD files are reviewed, and a brand language direction approved, experienced narrators will develop a storyboard, while creatives develop style frames, lighting and layouts to ensure the assets align with your brand profile. The animation or rendering is then carefully crafted and brought to life.



Next, we add desired material finish for each image or animation using physical or digital references or color, material, and finish (CMF) documentation. 



The First-in-Series and subsequent rounds of revisions bring us to a high-fidelity image or animation that can be re-configured to create shorter or smaller assets as required. 

What Other Animations Can We Do For You?

  • Ecommerce and Online
  • Shopping Video
  • Educational and E-Learning Video
  • Financial and Insurance Video
  • Healthcare and Medical Video
  • Marketing Video
  • Startup Video
  • NGO and Non-Profit Video
  • HR and Recruitment Video
  • SaaS Explainer Video
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Technology Video
  • Marketing and Sales Video
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Instructional Video Social
  • Media Video
  • Software Feature Video
  • Corporate Presentation Video
  • TV Animated Advertising
  • Video Animated Commercial
  • Event Promo Video
  • Conversion Boosts & Sales
  • Video 
  • Customer Engagement Video
  • Viral Video
  • Product Video
  • Building Trust Video
  • Landing Page Video
  • Brand and PR Video
  • Presentation Video
  • Video Content Marketing
  • Social Media Content
  • Marketing
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • B2C Content Marketing
  • Creative Content Marketing
By Format
  • 2D Animated Video
  • 3D Animated Video
  • Classical Animated Video
  • Cartoon Explainer Video
  • Video Infographics
  • Motion Design
  • Character Animation
  • Whiteboard and Doodle
  • Animation
  • Animated Commercial Video

What Does Your Subscription Buy You?

Our flexible subscription model accommodates all budgets and requirements

Pre-Launch Feature Video

Inclusion of stock or custom footage, product renderings and animations, feature annotations. Approximately 45-50s, cut to 30s, 15s and 6s versions appropriate for different platforms.

About 180 hour or 1.5 Subscriptions

Full-Service Product Animation

Looking for something beyond 3D product animations? Like a well-scripted 90second animated explainer on your service or how your product works.

About 90-120 hours or
¾ -1 Subscription.

Product Videos

45-60second product animations with motion graphic elements, text and music, describing various product features and benefits.

Get up to 2 in a single Subscription.

Ecommerce Product Package

Several still images for colour options and product feature close-ups, annotated infographics, 15s product video, 360-degree product rotation to include on your Amazon product page.

About 90 hour or 3/4 Subscription.


Humble at our core. Bold in our work.

But what really makes marketing and product professionals choose Bang Design?  

Multi-disciplinary Influence

Our roots are in building real products for shipping to consumers at scale. This is a value-added activity that became a standalone service. In short, we get Products

Technology Enabled Creative Specialists

The latest in software and hardware, a disciplined asset library, and several python scripts, unlock creative workflows

Accurate Models + Phenomenal Creativity =
Results that Convert

We take care to correct or rebuild the assets provided to reflect the product best.

The Best Pricing.
A Simplified Engagement

No complicated contracts. We’ve optimized internal efficiencies to offer you the best price


Product visualization is creating a 3-dimensional visual representation of a product or object. The process results in assets that can be used for marketing and advertising, design, engineering, explainer documentation and other purposes. 

Almost anything. Visualization tools and methods can create a more engaging experience for you customers reducing your time to sales closure.

Photorealistic rendering is a type of 3D rendering that creates images that are indistinguishable from real photographs. This is achieved by using advanced software tools and knowledge of the physics of light to simulate the way light interacts with objects and materials in the real world. The increased realism, results in improved communication, at reduced costs.

Keyshot and Blender. We can work with a wide range of platforms, but we commonly prefer working with .step files. You can provide us with 3D CAD in STEP, Solidworks or CREO formats. For Video Editing, we use Adobe Premiere Pro 

The cost of rendering infrastructure is built in based on our empirical estimates. We charge you mostly for team hours.  

We use high performance hardware with top-of-the-line graphics cards for preparing, composing and testing scenes, and editing work. Once you approve the lightweight scenes, we mostly use specialist render farm infrastructure from various partners for the final output. 

A high-quality 3D picture of a product takes between two hours to three days to produce. But it comes down to the project brief and the requirement of the effort. 

Both small and large businesses across Consumer Products and Appliances, D2C and Amazon-FBA businesses, Telecommunication devices and services, Furniture, Interiors and Hospitality, Automotive dealers and accessories brands, transportation products and services, Aircraft interiors, and Space Ventures. 

As of now, we do not. You are welcome to provide us with specific footage you may want to include.


Increase Sales and Customer Engagement with Photorealistic Renderings and Animation
VISUALIZATION and animation
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