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In 2012, two years after the launch of the iPad, the market was flooded with low cost 7” android tablet. In most cases, they were bad as tablets – wrong orientation, poor resolution, poor battery life – and terrible as phones – bad speakers with tinny and shrill sound, and too large to hold and walk around with. We worked with Innominds Software, a Qualcomm Licensee to solve these problems.

As a new brand, we were saddled with having to use stock/ Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) parts. We worked around the constraints to create a design that conveys compactness as well as naturalness while holding the phablet/ tabphone. The exposed chassis was coated several layers so that even the slightest change in angle creates a reflection that accentuates the graceful design. The rear shell was coated with bright colour rubberised options to minimise the risk of the device slipping from the users hand, a common occurrence in India.

The rear surface blends to the side and front of the device. As the surface transitioned across two shut lines, it called for unprecedented design, engineering and manufacturing quality. The form also concealed a large battery that would take the device through more than a day of use, and a big and awesomely loud speaker

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