Electric Pressure Cooker

The world’s first programmable multi cooker

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The first electric pressure cooker patent was filed on January 9th, 1991 (patent No. ZL91100026.7) in China. However no commercial products had become popular. Starting in 1999, we worked with TTK Prestige’s inhouse process engineering team to create the world’s first electric multi-program pressure cooker.

The distinction from any other prior (or after) approach was that we used an existing Pot and Lid from another model. While also a starting constraint, it allowed us to redefine the typology of electric cooking appliances. In a throwback to convention hob based culture, we exposed the Pot and Lid’s high quality stainless steel in the design. Yet we knew that concepts such as weight valves, hissing and whistling – second nature in India – were alien to the Western Markets. The design incorporated new safety features such as directed steam expulsion from the valve. A spring loaded actuator on the lid would release pressure before the lid could be opened, minimizing the risk of injury from steam. While the base housed contacts to drive the heating of the pot, the Electronic controls and safety met each other in the column in the front. As an industry first, the product offered different cooking profiles, such as simmering, steaming, braising, slow cooking, warming, rice cooking and stewing by using different combinations of cooking temperature, pressure and time duration. This was, in its time, the first programmable multi-cooker.

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