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A Revolution in Field Analysers

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Why the Elisar Visual Field Analyzer

In India, an estimated 12 million people suffer from Glaucoma, and 9 out of 10 cases remain undetected. There’s a simple explanation as to why. Diagnostic equipment imported into the country are incredibly expensive. As a result, they make up half the cost of setting up an eye hospital. This in turn translates to expensive checkups out of reach for poor people. Moreover the hospitals need lost of patient to recover their investment. This means they can be only set up in big cities denying access to the rural people.

Caught in this situation, eye doctors and technicians are often left with a tough choice to make. They can either depend on inaccurate equipment or make a risky investment. Elisar Visual Field Analyzer helps solve that problem by making treatment accessible and affordable to all.


A revolution in Visual Field testing, the VFA needs no dedicated dark room, or to patch the Eye, and can Measure Any Patient. These include obese, disabled, bedridden patients, pediatric patients, patients with tremors. Also the Elisar VFA can be used in small clinics or government run camps. As a result, this brings down the cost of checkup as patients do not have to go to a big hospital.

Technicians administer the test in just a few clicks. The field analyzer’s advanced infrared tracking technology automatically corrects for fixation loss. As a result even a non-medical person can learn how to use the vfa quickly.


Elisar VFA is a lightweight head mounted device which allows flexible patient postures. This means that the patient can recline for comfort. The VFA looks more like a VR headset as opposed to a scientific apparatus. As a result, patients feel comfortable even before the test has begun.

Elisar VFA generates reports that meet international standards. Added to this, the VFA reports adhere to the market leader’s format. what this means is that doctors or optometrists do not have to learn to use the Elisar VFA. As a result, the VFA has become more popular.

The Elisar VFA is quite affordable and costs 1/3rd of the market leader. Added to this, the vfa doesn’t require a special set up. As a result, more doctors can buy it risk free. Since the vfa is portable, doctors can carry the device with them. This means they can go to rural areas and check patients. The added benefit of this feature is lower cost per checkup and more patients for the doctor.

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