LifePhone Plus

Starting the MHealth Revolution

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Bang Design has long worked on the Quantified Self Movement, designing and developing next generation tests, devices, and services that empower anyone to monitor and better understand their own health – anytime, anywhere. Before launch by BPL, India’s largest medical device brand, Bang Design collaborated with Intel, pooling our expertise in artificial intelligence, product design and user experience, hardware, software, clinical, and regulatory to bring to market and ambitious and ground-breaking medical device for consumers

Super Small, Super Power

The Lifephone+ is a lightweight portable mobile phone accessory. By holding the device across three easily repeatable positions on their torso, the device is able to record a clinical grade ECG and Heart Rate in less than 60 seconds. In addition consumers can measure their blood glucose via the strip and sensor, and also track their activity when the device is fitted to a waist band or belt.

The Need for Innovation

India has the dubious distinction of the highest rates of CVD and Diabetes in the World. The idea was to help enable personalized medicine by generating collective information about the relationships between such readings as ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and activity, both during a period of malaise and before the onset of a disease

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