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India is one of the fastest Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Markets in the world. What was hampering industry growth was the cost of dispensing machines. Typically built for Western high foot fall markets, conventional machines can dispense drinks every few seconds, but cost thousands of dollars. The larger market in India comprised of 12Mn small shops that cannot afford the expensive machines. Also there was a growing backlash against MNC brands in certain states. We worked with a $65Bn global food, snack and beverage company to address this market. The brand’s in-house team worked on the valves, process engineering and packaging for the formulae; while we worked on the product design, and manufacturing engineering of the entire system.


The innovative industrial design combines an intuitive, engaging interface with tried and tested tactile membrane technology. The product is unique in leveraging existing beverage formulae while providing additional or new product options to consumers. For all its simplicity, the dispenser is also smart. With every pour it observes which brands and flavors people love most — empowering individual locations to optimize their offerings, based on actual usage data

The distinction of this dispenser is in its industrial strength design that is also elegant in form and details. The front door is plastic and houses all the external interfaces – backlit signage, and a tactile membrane keypad for rough use. Behind the door is access to refill powder chambers, connect vacuum sealed beverage concentrate packs, and both heating and chilling tanks. The sculptural cavity in the front helps direct the user where to put their glass, Aesthetically, our goal is to balance the organic with the mechanical, creating a luxurious yet approachable and affordable ‘value’ machine. Pop of colors from the partner brands representing the freshness of the dispensed juice.


In the final mix, the new family of dispensers add to the extended equipment portfolio that demonstrates how the $65Bn brand is raising brand value, reaching new markets and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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