Pepsico Multi Beverage Dispenser

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The Pepsico Multi Beverage Dispenser Story


India is one of the fastest Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Markets in the world. However industry growth has been slowed by the cost of dispensers. These machines are built for Western high foot fall markets and dispense drinks every few seconds, but cost thousands of dollars.

At the same time, the larger market in India comprised of 12Mn small shops. Add to this, they just cannot afford the expensive machines. Added to this was a growing backlash against MNC brands in certain states. At this time,we worked with Pepsico India’s Global Value Innovation Center to address this market.

We divided up the project in two broad areas, process and design.While the brand’s in-house team worked on the process, we worked on the product design of the entire system.


Our innovative industrial design combines an intuitive, engaging interface with tried and tested tactile membrane technology. The result is a unique product is that uses existing beverage formulas while providing more or new options to consumers. The dispenser is as smart as it is simple. Every time it dispenses, it observes which brands and flavors people love most. This allows every shop to decide what to offer based on actual usage data.

The dispenser has an industrial design that is elegant in terms of form and details. The front door is plastic and houses back lit signage and a tactile membrane keypad. The back lit signage helps attract customers. At the same time, the membrane keypad allows rough use. The sculpted front zone of the door guides the user where to put their glass.

Behind the door are the refill powder chambers, vacuum sealed beverage concentrate packs and both heating and chilling tanks. These are easily accessed for repair and replacement. The result is a luxurious yet approachable and affordable ‘value’ machine.


The machine sports a large frontal area for back lit signage. Adding brand ads on this helps it pop out of the background of the shop. This also brings to the fore, Pepsico’s brands above the competition.

In the final mix, the new family of dispensers add to the extended equipment portfolio that demonstrates how the $65Bn brand is raising brand value, reaching new markets and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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