Sure Touch

Safe, painless clinical breast exams

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SureTouch was developed  to provide a comfortable accurate breast exam to the millions of women in the US and the world. The patented Sure Touch tactile sensing technology is more accurate at detecting and determining a mass within the breast and also if the mass is cancerous than manual methods. 

The physician holds the small Sure Touch tactile sensing while touching the breast during a clinical breast examination. The SureTouch system provides an electronic “map” from objective data including suspicious masses and surrounding tissue of the breast. As such, SureTouch is non-invasive, painless and its results may ultimately help guide future decisions for additional radiologic tests.

SureTouch has examined more than 200,000 women across the U.S., China, and South America to detect breast cancer early. Many more countries and their governments are in line to use SureTouch. No pain, no radiation and a small device that can be used almost anywhere because of which in every country and culture, SureTouch has become a tremendous hit !

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