Tribal Lantern

India’s first all-around Light

Product Design, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The Need for Innovation

At the time of design (2006), 40% of India was still not fully electrified. We collaborated with India’s leading battery brand Amara Raja, to create a range of energy products. This product was designed to use their upcoming miniature VRLA batteries. In a small and very portable volume, the lantern was designed to deliver 16h of light on a single charge

Feature Packed

After several rounds of studies with users in rural and semi-urban India, we designed the lantern to deliver light 360(degree symbol), while conventional ‘emergency lanterns’ were directional. Using only a few LEDs, a parabolic reflector lights up both the room and the ground right beside the lantern. This enabled both reading and other activities to be done together. The handle folds down neatly and disappears into the design. A cord winder below allows the product to be carried into the fields at night. And an ambient light sensor prevents the lantern from unintentionally being switched on and squandering precious power. At only Rs 1299, this product disrupted a stagnant product category, spawning many copies of its form factor.

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