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Engineering Solutions for Complex Products

Our engineering design team solves complex, interdisciplinary problems through creativity, technology and innovation. Using technical acumen and extensive experience, we turn conceptual ideas in the early stages of your project into tangible solutions.

Industrial Design Integration

Art meets Reality. We apply engineering principles to fully understand, maintain and refine the ID through development and manufacturing, while improving mechanical integrity and manufacturability. This allows many aspects of the design to be proven and optimised prior to prototype manufacture, eliminating the requirement for costly redesigns at a later stage within the process.

Quickly realising an engineering concept

Through engineering design, your early ideas are turned into feasible embodiments, building a concept, its features, components, mechanisms and sub-assemblies. By prioritising frequent prototyping and testing, we de-risk your product strategy and build confidence early on in the project that your product will meet performance requirements.

Regulated Device Development

Highly regulated markets like healthcare and aerospace require strict compliance. We deliver mission-critical products that meet stringent safety, regulatory, and usability needs. In addition to our comprehensive product development skills, for mission critical products, we support your team with:

Converging to scalable production methods

Your product is designed from the outset, with your target market, sales volumes, and pricing power matched to scalable manufacturing and assembly considerations. Your usability-first product will also be amenable for ease of manufacturing and assembly (DFM/DFA), inspection and testing. Our engineers break an assembly down into its component parts to produce a CAD database and bill of materials ready for production.

Production Liaison

We engage with your supply chain - injection moulding, die casting, metal stamping and forming, PCBA partners - during the entire process to ensure the design is built cost-effectively and with quality to match. Don’t have a supply chain? Don’t worry, we can help you put one in place, oversee initial production runs for you, and be on-call to help you during ramp-up.


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Fast Track Innovation

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25 years of Impact

For over two decades, we’ve been your one-stop shop for crafting fully integrated product solutions. We seamlessly blend interrelated services like visualization, animation, and customer experience design – all under one roof.

We believe in the power of holistic integration, creating synergies that elevate your product and business. With our diverse expertise, we streamline workflows and create consistent experiences and maximise your brand’s impact.

Our unified approach ensures a powerful, cohesive product that resonates with your customers. We’re a committed partner to your full product journey, achieving maximum impact, from initial concept to successful go-to-market strategy.

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How Our Product Engineering Services Work?


Design Evaluation

Our process starts with a detailed and shared understanding of your project. The precise definition of the requirements is re-captured in the updated product requirement document, and feature priority matrix.


ID Integration + Re-configuration

On 3D CAD, we develop a complete system layout with integrated ID, part break-up, electrical components and assembly methods consistent with the manufacturing strategy. Mechanism and Kinematic engineering will be iterated over during this step.


Evaluation + Prototyping

We iterate and build prototypes through our network of partners to test critical functions. Mechanical prototypes cover kinematics and mechanisms, structure, usability, integration and interference check for hardware and components. Versions of prototypes are used to evaluate mechanical fit, and aesthetic finish.


Refine + Document

We execute detailed design and documentation of parts and assemblies for mass production processes. This phase ends in a package release to production tooling, including 3D CAD geometry, 2D documentation, and a bill of materials. For regulated products, we recommend additional prototypes here that can be sent for pre-compliance trials.



We tightly collaborate with manufacturers to review tooling, samples and tests to get to full production. Expect several iterations and refinements in tooling (T0 to T4) as the tool is refined for improved production yields and product quality. We can stay on the program to assess partner quality management systems, and resolve design related issues, for as long as you like.


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“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

Industrial design (ID) is the act of designing accessible, functional, and beautiful products that will be produced by the manufacturing ‘industry’. People wrongly attribute ID as concerned with just the surface of the product. So much so that the ‘shell’ is often referred to as the ‘ID’ in industry jargon. In reality it is the synthesis of multiple tunnel visions – end user needs, product function, brand and marketing, style, form, manufacturing, capital and cost – ultimately imparting the very ‘soul’ to the product. If you are in a crowded market, Industrial Design is the ultimate product communication vehicle. It attracts the user. Only then can your brand foster loyalty by engaging with, and then fulfilling their needs with the right product experience.

It depends. Designing physical products is not easy and fraught with risks. Think about Apple’s minimalist design approach from 2001-24. The products look ‘Simple’. But the process to get there is anything but. Simplicity and Joy in user experience is an attribute of the product. Not the process to get there. The process itself is a complex series of decisions, however immeasurably small, upon which the success of your product and your business is contingent. Bang Design’s industrial design service has honed several meticulous processes that result in a product optimised for both the end-user and your business. Should you do this process yourself? Many industrial design programs are followed by investment in tools for mass production processes like injection moulding. These investments can be multiples of the design budget. You could see Bang Design’s industrial design service simply as an investment that protects the investment in tooling. Many ventures that come to Bang Design have attempted to design the product in-house, or worked with a resource with insufficient ‘shipping-the-new’ experience. The result is often budget overruns, with no workable product, with no sight of revenue. Be bold. But build wisely.
The term was interchangeably used with Industrial Design – because it influenced the act of production – till the advent of Software Products, which are products too. Today “product design” is a more encompassing term. It includes other elements of user experience, such as on-screen digital and physical interfaces, sounds, light, and even the invisible experience of embedded software.

It should, depending on your user requirements. Very often, functional innovation is what drives form and proportion, and detail quality, while design language itself will inform alignment and symmetry of elements, Colour, Surface treatment and patterns, and logo placement. At Bang Design, we have a history of bringing many of the world’s firsts to market. Innovation is core to our process.

It depends. Typical considerations include market incumbents, new and novel Vs incremental upgrades, size of the product, product pricing and proposed scale of production. Feel free to request a free program budget here.

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