Simple Pricing for Every Business

We HEARD YOU. Design costs can be mysterious with numerous changes and scope creep. We left that at the door and made simple, flat rate prices for all our services.


Increase Sales and Customer Engagement with Photorealistic Renderings and Animation


125 hours/mo

For absolutely any size and stage of business


Friction Free access to a super-efficient talent army. Kickstart your Design Transformation


140-150 hours/mo

Best as extension and support for your in-house teams



Our most popular subscription. Bring Incredible Ideas to Reality. Get the team of a 9-figure brand for a fraction of the cost


140-150 hours/mo

Best for product design ownership and Growth stage Ventures


Create future product experiences that empower and inspire people


140-150 hours/mo

Best for Luxury and high stakes businesses.

See ‘Terms of Service - Standard’

Our Most Popular Model, Now Easier

Forward-thinking entrepreneurial brands, founders, c-suite execs, and product leaders from around the world partner with us to create market-defining products and experiences. With our stake-in-outcome lock-in, both teams realise the freedom to think more strategically.

Stake In Outcome

Get expert guidance on Product Strategy, Visual Identity and Brand Experience, Usability Engineering, and Industrial Design.

Get a chance to work with a “Name” Designer

Starts at


0.85-3.5% Royalty

Get everything in Pro Plus

See ‘Terms of Service - Royalty’

Every Plan Includes

Flexible and Scalable

No Contracts! No Commitments! Flexible Monthly Subscriptions allow you to add, pause or resume anytime

Unlimited Design & Revision

Request or revise design and development, change products, or pivot entire programs as many times as needed


Get access to over 30 discrete skills needed for your project, in a single subscription

The Stack

Team uses our growing library of Materials, Finishes, 3D Assemblies, Part Features, Blender Scripts, and UX Models​

100% ownership from Start

Except for prior art and licensed work, you have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you.


Invite anyone to our Teams Channel with an intuitive folder structure, or add us to your Slack channel and Google Workspace

Rethink Your Business

We work with Global Brands of all sizes and ambitions. It is more than just projects for us. We want to be known for growing your business. We use our creative and technical skills to build new revenue streams even while optimizing recurring and non-recurring expenses. In our work [add hyperlink], you will see new business lines for PepsiCo and Abbott, product expansions for Intel and Paypal, consumer delight for Carrier Private Label products, all while working on growth projects in Australia, Germany, United States, and beyond.

The Levers for Innovation

Create growth using differentiation as a driver

Design and Innovation

We use products but buy brands. Be Different. Stay Relevant, consistently.

Continuous Product Development

Build right with our adaptive human + market centered approach. Make Bolder Choices. Build Better Products.

User Interface Design

Envision, build and measure differentiated customer and employee experiences for today and tomorrow.

Visualization Studio



How Do We Compare?

Specialist designers. Unlimited Design. Flat Monthly Fee. Incredible Value

No minimums, and no fees. Our price is the same whether we’re running sprints, optimizing your strategy, designing your product, or negotiating with a supplier before handoff. Pause anytime if your priorities change.

Monthly Cost Comparison

Based on average Industrial Designer and Mechanical Engineer Salaries across EU and North America of $83,224*, average contractor rate of $800/day, and average 21 working days per month.

* Various positions on Glassdoor and Indeed Q2 2022

Standard (multi-skills)


Pro (40+skills)


In-House Engineers (Few Skills)


Mid-Range Agency (Comparable to Pro)


Global Management Consulting (Comparable to Pro)


Still Have Questions?

We understand this could be a big decision for you. Talk to Us.

You Have Questions?

We understand this could be a big decision for you. Read our FAQs. And we would love to hear from you.

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