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The Value of Innovation

Returns on every dollar invested in User Experience - Forbes

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What happens after you start?

Foresight and Strategy

Identify areas of growth opportunity, maturing technologies, macro trends; Map innovations to market needs, product viability and lifespan.

Product Requirements

Post M-NDA, we hold a collaborative session to prepare User and Product Requirements Specifications, and an RACI Matrix.

Feature Prioritization Matrix

All products are compromises across visions and realities. We resolve conflicts in requirements through assigned priorities

Brand Design Language

Mood Boards inform form and proportion, Alignment and symmetry, Function innovation, Colour, Materials and Finish (CMF), Surface and pattern. Rough Product Sketches and form direction ideas.

Refined Form or Invention

The refined product sketch phase integrates prior ideas into final proportions, allowing for final adjustments before the more time-consuming CAD & engineering phases.

3D CAD Configuration & Refinement

Starting with a stack-up of constraints, the CAD design phase translates the refined idea into a 3D model using advanced software for a smooth transition to manufacturing.

Mock-Up or Visual Prototype

The mock-up is the first opportunity to hold, use or walk through to learn how the design looks and functions in the real world. And use in investment pitches and crowdfunding campaigns.

Feasibility and Refinement

Focus on pre-engineering details necessary for manufacturing, budget & sustainability. You may do additional focused tests for ergonomics, pricing, international tariffs & buying intention surveys.

Transfer To Engineering

3D CAD surfaces split for part formation and detail manufacturing engineering. Additional CGI renderings for CMF definition. If you use an ODM or CMS, they will love you for our attention to detail.



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Product Design

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Tailored Solutions

Small Ventures

A glance at our portfolio will tell you that some of our iconic work has been with early stage ventures. We’re proud to have moulded their technology with bravery to win in the wild, and to create gamechangers and changemakers.

Corporate Innovation

Innovation programs are hard to run in-house. We use data and creativity to unlock value, build unique prototypes, fuel digital growth, co-create new businesses, and integrate responsible practices for a thriving future.

Design Sustenance

No ask is too big, no detail is too small. Bang Design has the most comprehensive set of Design Update and change management services, and protocols to transfer changes to production seamlessly.

How we compare

The first ‘P’ in Marketing is ‘Product’. Your product design is the key to multiple outcomes, in pricing, distribution, and promotion. Many of the most successful products have been the first in their category. Bang Design has a history of designing many of the world’s firsts.

In-House Team Other Top-Tier Firms
No-Conflict Independent
No internal resources needed
Unconstrained Customer Centricity
Expert Process (over $500Mn in new revenue)
In-House Engineering and Shipping Experience (over 35Mn times shipped)
Creative Marketing Support for Design
Unlimited Flexibility
$2,999/mo onwards
$150-250k per year
$100k-400k commitment typical
40+ Award Winning Skills on Demand
Single Task Specialist
Multiple Skills
NONE. Commit just 1 month at a time
A bad hire sets you back months.
Long term commitment

What our clients are saying.


“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” – Charles Eames

Industrial design (ID) is the act of designing accessible, functional, and beautiful products that will be produced by the manufacturing ‘industry’. People wrongly attribute ID as concerned with just the surface of the product. So much so that the ‘shell’ is often referred to as the ‘ID’ in industry jargon. In reality it is the synthesis of multiple tunnel visions – end user needs, product function, brand and marketing, style, form, manufacturing, capital and cost – ultimately imparting the very ‘soul’ to the product. If you are in a crowded market, Industrial Design is the ultimate product communication vehicle. It attracts the user. Only then can your brand foster loyalty by engaging with, and then fulfilling their needs with the right product experience.

It depends. Designing physical products is not easy and fraught with risks. Think about Apple’s minimalist design approach from 2001-24. The products look ‘Simple’. But the process to get there is anything but. Simplicity and Joy in user experience is an attribute of the product. Not the process to get there. The process itself is a complex series of decisions, however immeasurably small, upon which the success of your product and your business is contingent. Bang Design’s industrial design service has honed several meticulous processes that result in a product optimised for both the end-user and your business. Should you do this process yourself? Many industrial design programs are followed by investment in tools for mass production processes like injection moulding. These investments can be multiples of the design budget. You could see Bang Design’s industrial design service simply as an investment that protects the investment in tooling. Many ventures that come to Bang Design have attempted to design the product in-house, or worked with a resource with insufficient ‘shipping-the-new’ experience. The result is often budget overruns, with no workable product, with no sight of revenue. Be bold. But build wisely.
The term was interchangeably used with Industrial Design – because it influenced the act of production – till the advent of Software Products, which are products too. Today “product design” is a more encompassing term. It includes other elements of user experience, such as on-screen digital and physical interfaces, sounds, light, and even the invisible experience of embedded software.

It should, depending on your user requirements. Very often, functional innovation is what drives form and proportion, and detail quality, while design language itself will inform alignment and symmetry of elements, Colour, Surface treatment and patterns, and logo placement. At Bang Design, we have a history of bringing many of the world’s firsts to market. Innovation is core to our process.

It depends. Typical considerations include market incumbents, new and novel Vs incremental upgrades, size of the product, product pricing and proposed scale of production. Feel free to request a free program budget here.

It depends, again. You may not believe it. We have turned around a new design that went to a mock-up, and approval in less than 4 days. However, if you want to do it right, with the correct checks and balances, the process for a typical product can take anywhere from two weeks, for a wearable product derivative, to 6 months, for the interiors of a mass transit vehicle. Fast only counts when it’s right. At Bang Design, we move fast but with discipline and purpose. Cutting corners can result in errors and wrong turns. It squanders time, money and, in worst-case scenarios, brand equity.
We have preferred connections and pricing with a network of patent attorneys to help you with all things related to IP (Intellectual Property) protection. Our clients get quality patent and/or design registration work, affordably through our network of IP firms in India.
The extent and depth of your involvement is up to you. We believe every project, big or small, deserves the backing of passionate individuals, creative artists and relentless problem solvers to transform it into a product that truly reflects your vision. When you choose to work with Bang Design, we understand that you put your trust and faith in our team. We take that responsibility seriously. At every step of the product development process, we will ensure regular touch points, help ensure you stay within your budget, and deliver your vision to engineering.
We don’t publish hourly rates. You can work with us through any of these models – unlimited subscription to our product design and creative growth services, stake-in-outcome partnership and turnkey production solutions.

You can see more generic FAQs here.

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