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Elisar VFA: Glaucoma Testing

A Revolution in Field Analysers

The Laser Visual Field Analyser

In India, an estimated 12 million people suffer from Glaucoma, and 9 out of 10 cases remain undetected. Why does this nebulous gap exist? Diagnostic equipment imported into the country is incredibly expensive. As a result, they make up half the cost of setting up an eye hospital. To recover this investment, hospitals need a considerable amount of patients. This in turn translates to expensive checkups, set up in big cities, that are inaccessible to the people in rural areas. 

Enter Elisar Visual Field Analyzer! It helps solve the problem by making treatment accessible and affordable to all.

Patient-Friendly Visual Field Analysis

Elisar VFA is a lightweight head mounted device which helps test and detect Glaucoma. It allows flexible patient postures, enabling the patient to recline for comfort. The VFA resembles a sophisticated VR headset as opposed to a chunky scientific apparatus. As a result, patients feel comfortable even before the test has begun.

Elisar VFA generates reports that meet international standards. Additionally, the VFA reports adhere to the market leader’s format. Put simply—the doctors or optometrists do not have to learn to use the Elisar VFA, further popularizing the device.

The Elisar VFA is affordable and costs 1/3rd the price of the market leader. It doesn’t require a special setup, and more doctors purchase the equipment. Due to the VFA’s portability, doctors can carry the device with them; they can go to rural areas and examine patients. It’s a win-win situation that can be attributed to the lower cost per checkup for the patients and more business for the doctor.