Bang Design

Bang Design is a full-stack product design, innovation and development company. We collaborate with the world’s most ambitious businesses to create future product experiences that elevate human potential.

Oakter Paytm

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Smartwrist

Minimum Form, Maximum Product

Aquakraft Being Swachh

2020 Styled and Engineered for the Greater Good

Selidea Claw

2020 Hands-Free Keychain Tool No Contact Multifunction Covid Key

Uvee Anti-Viral Ovens

2020 The ultimate UVC disinfection for home and retail


Superthrower is the first portable, non-electric bowling machine

Orbic Smartphones

Design for ethically sourced, non-conflict production smartphones

Saregama Carvaan Musicbar

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Hotspot Family

Lightweight, long lasting, portable connectivity


Mobile Microwave Sterilization System


2020 World's first portable medical grade oxygen generator

Handheld Algiz RT-7

2015 Elegant, expandable and rugged mobile computing


2014 All-In-One Credit Card and Self-Custody Wallet

Oakter Electric Pe

Smart and Affordable chargers to mitigate range anxiety

Orbic Tablets

High Value, Ultimate Utility and Rugged Resilience

Helyxon Thermometer

Quick, accurate, connected and continuous temperature measurement

Safe & Swasth Helping Hand

2020 The Ultimate Contactless Safety Tool

Uvee In-Car Air Purifier

Friendly, compact, personal and sophisticated

Uvee Powertron

2021 Smart, shared space UV-C disinfection with hospital grade efficacy

Radiius Bee

2016 Convenient multi-card contactless payment wearable

Cyient Manpack

The first indigenous military communication “manpack”


2016 Bespoke specialized Tablet ready for ODM production


2008 India's first Dental X-Ray

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