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Talitrix T-Band

Capture Data, Restore Freedom

Talitrix invented the first independent GPS wristband on the market, one that requires no phone or base station. And now are revolutionising case management to protect the public and help individuals transition into society with dignity.

The US has 8 million people on probation or awaiting trial in crowded prisons. Only 4% of them are free to work and live with family on an electronic monitoring system.

Ankle monitors (the default standard for electronic monitoring), cost over $10 daily, and are unaffordable for many. They use outdated technology, causing tracking drifts, false alarms, and issues for users and supervisors.

Moreover, these devices stigmatise wearers, affecting their family and job prospects.

Talitrix tasked us with designing a ruggedized wearable – one which withstands shock, vibration, thermal events and be tamper proof. On top of that, the device should protect the dignity of the user by looking more like a rugged wearable than a tracker.
They needed a partner that could work like an in-house team, rolling with the changes that could come in the program at any stage. A partner who had done rugged devices before and knew how to design products manufactured at scale.

Transitioning back to society shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Or your dignity!

Project Insights

While the device is meant to protect the dignity of the wearer while tracking them, it should also

1. Withstand harsh conditions as most wearers end up doing hard physical labor.

2. Allow only authorized users to remove it from the wearer’s wrist.

Make it Sporty

The US has a culture of a product for every situation. Why should this be any different? We set out to style the watch on the lines of rugged gear, something that could look like military surplus or apt for camping.

Slide to charge

The wearer can’t remove the device for charging. Nor is it safe to connect it to a USB charger connected to mains. And the battery, while long lasting, could run out even in the field. We developed a dedicated power bank that would slide on to the watch, charge it on the go even while doing strenuous tasks like cutting logs.

Make it Rugged

Our design is Mil-Std-810G compliant-it can handle mechanical and thermal shocks, dust and water ingress while still being skin safe. And all this with apertures for speaker, barometer and microphone! Gorilla glass and scratch resistant PMMA protect the display and lens allowing it to be used indoors as well as outdoors with equal ease.

Tamper proof

The T-Band is locked onto the wearer’s wrist using a patented locking mechanism that can be removed only with a dedicated tool. Additionally, it is designed to raise an alarm should anyone try to remove it by either slipping it off or cutting the strap.

Rolling with the Requirements

We created a design that adjusted to changing tech and business requirements as the program moved forward. This allowed Talitrix to demo the product at various events, gain user feedback and win contracts for deployment.

Key Tasks Accomplished

1. Concept Development

2. Enclosure Design

3. Prototype Design

4. Materials Selection

5. Design for Manufacturing

6. Prototype Liaison

7. Postproduction support

8. Pilot production and supply of lock removal tool

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