Bang Design

Innovation Partners to Ambitious Brands.

We bring integrity, excellence, and initiative to Strategy, Design, Engineering and Production. Over 23+ years of innovation, we’ve evolved an end-to-end and multidisciplinary process that helps our clients leapfrog the competition, and stay ahead, every single year.

Our Expertise

We create products that challenge the status quo

Product Design

Human Factors for Bolder Choices.

Working with users, we uncover hidden truths which lead to delightful experiences that sell themselves. We’re one of the pioneers of design ethnography in India: resulting in iconic and category changing products. We design products in every category you can think of: from small wearables and technically complex products to experiential interiors of novel transport objects. Our drive to make things better unites the diverse sectors in which we work.

Featured Case Studies

Talitrix →

T-Band Tracker

Moonwalkr →

Protect the Player, Raise the Game

What We Do

Product Engineering

Build Better and More Capable Products.

From concept to manufacturing, Bang Design engineers your product for success. We match your elegant design with robust engineering, guiding your product from initial idea to market launch. Our expertise spans mechanism design, materials selection, prototyping, and production-ready documentation, ensuring manufacturability, quality, and cost-effectiveness through close collaboration with our supply chain partners. Everything you need to turn your vision into reality.

What We Do

Featured Case Studies

Elisar AVA →

Visual Field Analyser

Handheld Algiz RT-7

MIL Grade Design for Enterprise Technology

Service & Digital Design

Experiences that your customers will love.

We create meaningful and remarkable experiences your customers will love by connecting technology, people and spaces. We guide your vision from concept to launch, ensuring a seamless user experience that delights customers.

Featured Case Studies


The personal peak health optimization app


Enables brands to become net water positive in 30minutes

What We Do

Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations

Featured Work

Products, companies, and brands are being held to a higher level of scrutiny than ever before. Our Unique Ability is to distil complex ideas into new resources and opportunities which previously didn’t exist. The result is meaningful and category-defining solutions with exceptional design.

Saregama Carvaan Musicbar

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Smartwrist

Minimum Form, Maximum Product

Orbic Smartphones

Design for ethically sourced, non-conflict production smartphones

Oakter Paytm

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Hotspot Family

Lightweight, long lasting, portable connectivity

Oakter Electric Pe

Smart and Affordable chargers to mitigate range anxiety

Orbic Tablets

High Value, Ultimate Utility and Rugged Resilience

Helyxon Thermometer

Quick, accurate, connected and continuous temperature measurement

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