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Innovation Partners to Ambitious Brands. Get CEO level clarity with R&D level insight

We bring integrity, excellence, and initiative to Strategy, Design, Engineering and Production. Over 23+ years of innovation, we’ve evolved an end-to-end and multidisciplinary process that helps our clients leapfrog the competition, and stay ahead, every single year.

Product Design

Human factors for bolder choices.

Product Engineering

Build Better and More Capable Products.

Service and Digital Design

Experiences that your customers will love.

Our product development approach

First Principles Approach

Radical New Product Development needs Time. Reducing Time, to save cost results in program errors, reduced feature sets, lower price to performance ratios, and extensive post-launch debugging.

Incremental Innovation

Incremental improved products are plagued with ever shortening development cycle times, obsessive focus only on few features, and visibility on time-to-market.

Featured Work

Products, companies, and brands are being held to a higher level of scrutiny than ever before. Our Unique Ability is to distil complex ideas into new resources and opportunities which previously didn’t exist. The result is meaningful and category-defining solutions with exceptional design.

Oakter Paytm

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Smartwrist

Minimum Form, Maximum Product

Orbic Smartphones

Design for ethically sourced, non-conflict production smartphones

Saregama Carvaan Musicbar

The instant audio payment confirmation revolution

Orbic Hotspot Family

Lightweight, long lasting, portable connectivity

Oakter Electric Pe

Smart and Affordable chargers to mitigate range anxiety

Orbic Tablets

High Value, Ultimate Utility and Rugged Resilience

Helyxon Thermometer

Quick, accurate, connected and continuous temperature measurement

Industries We Currently Serve

Trusted by 60+ brands and institutions to fuel their growth
Telecommunication Devices And Services
Transportation Vehicles And Services
Mining Machinery And Vehicles
Agriculture Machinery And Agrotech
Construction And Industrial
Autonomy And Machine Learning
Aviation And Aerospace
In Car Entertainment
Consumer electronics
Consumer Appliances
Medical & Healthcare
Sports & Fitness

500+ product managers and marketers trusted us

Flexible and Scalable Guarantee

When you subscribe to any of our services, you get every other service within the plan, for no additional cost
Flexible & Scalable

No Contracts! Our Flexible 30-day subscriptions let you to upgrade or pause your subscription at any time.

Unlimited Revisions

Each Design can be revised as many times as necessary to get it to achieve desired functionality.


Access our Teams Channel, with an intuitive folder structure, or add us to your Slack channel.

Advisory + Support

Our fees are for advisory and support, and not connected to production volumes and order sizes.

Team Library

Our team will use a growing library of over 1,000 models, textures, and environments.

Source Files​

From the first model to production ready files, we provide native Adobe files.

100% Ownership​

Except for any prior art, you have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you.

Quality + Reliability

Our teams ensure quality, safety, reliability & durability considerations as well as quick issue resolution.

Begin your design journey today.

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