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MoonWalkr: Professional Cricket Helmets

Protect the player, Raise The Game

MoonWalkr Mind

Cricket helmets have not changed over the years. Designed in cooler countries for Test Matches, they offered a rudimentary form of protection for the head. While sufficient in countries like England, it falls short in the game’s new home– India, a hot and humid place. With the game evolving and having faster variants, the T20 and the ODI, the older helmet designs drag down the players’ performance and don’t live up to the game’s demands. Presenting Moonwalkr Mind– the comprehensive and suave solution.

Delightful Design

Modern T20 and ODI players are athletes who repeatedly sprint 22 yards with full gear; under heat, humidity and pressure. They need to think fast and keep cool at the same time. Protection is a must, but not at the cost of performance. Today’s players are more self-confident and fashionable than those before—their gear needs to reflect their style. However, it must be as light and comfortable as possible. Moonwalkr Mind solves these conflicting requirements.

Moonwalkr Mind reflects the modern cricketer in style and substance. Using cutting edge vent design and styling, the helmet is the safest, lightest, best ventilated yet most chic cricket helmet ever made. Using advanced software like PTC Creo, it is as light and strong as possible. As a cherry on the top, the design uses a low amount of material, bringing down its cost; the helmet disrupts an otherwise stagnant product category.

Moonwalkr Mind showcases the best of Bang Design’s skills across design, material, manufacturing and performance engineering to deliver a compelling product at an inviting price. Visit the links below to find out what people have written about us.

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