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EuroKids: Kids’ Wearables

Safe Tracking, Endless Free Play.


The MyBuddy Locator

The purpose of good brakes is to allow a vehicle to go faster. The purpose of a useful GPS enabled tracker is to allow kids more time and freedom for free play. Eurokids, and their technology partner, Hug Innovations, engaged with us. They were on a tight deadline, only a few months remained leading up to the onset of summer, when parents sign up for camps and pre-school admissions. They needed a device that could track kids silently and keep the parents informed about their whereabouts all the time. This would put them ahead of other play schools in the minds of parents and children.

Fun, Frolic and Cheer!

While the locator houses a high quality powerful GPS antenna, the design is both playful, and matches with Eurokids’ mascot and house style. Children love the round watch-like shape and the whimsical bunny on its face—they feel like it emulates the watches their parents wear. The bright red panic button empowers them to contact their caregivers in the blink of an eye. The speaker warns them when they are crossing their assigned geo-fenced area.

Made to Last

The project went from design to manufacturing in under 10 weeks. We at Bang Design worked closely with hardware and software engineers, and end manufacturers. With unyielding timelines that were set in stone, we had to ensure there was no compromise on quality. Children have sensitive skin, any rash would cause them to discard the device. They also tend to fall and bump into things; GPS antennas malfunction under impact or if they come in contact with water. As a result, we had to ensure that the EuroKids MyBuddy Locator was not only good looking, but also tough, safe and waterproof.

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