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You have an idea. Need a new product but don’t know where to start?

Are you facing these Challenges?

Brutal Development Grind

Dead ends, demanding skill sets, and lonely journeys can make building new products brutal.

Corporate Roadblocks

Large companies struggle with limited resources and team capabilities, hindering internal innovation.

Distracting Noise

Happy hours, fireside chats, and excessive community building distract serious founders from their goals.

Media Misfocus

Glorification of aspiring builders, VCs, and generic services overshadows the needs of impactful product development.

Superficial Startup Hubs

Most hubs cater to non-serious players or careerists, offering little value to dedicated founders.

Frills over Focus

Many programs prioritise unnecessary features or events over core product development work.

Tailored Solutions for Serious Founders

Sure, here’s a revised version with more detailed explanations for each point

Focused Expertise

Forget the generic advice and one-size-fits-all approaches. Our venture practice assembles a team of experts laser-focused on your specific product and industry. Whether it’s tackling technical hurdles, crafting a winning go-to-market strategy, or navigating regulatory complexities, we provide personalised guidance every step of the way. You only hire what you need, ensuring resources are fully dedicated to your product’s success.

Get Down to Business

We eliminate the distractions, opting for actionable workshops, in-depth consultations, and focused brainstorming sessions. Our experts dive deep into your product’s core, identifying and solving critical challenges to accelerate your development timeline. It’s all about maximising efficiency and minimising the noise so you can ship faster and smarter.

Product Performance

Community of Builders: Surround yourself with others who share your passion and drive. Our community connects you with dedicated founders and industry veterans who understand the unique challenges you face. It’s a platform for exchanging ideas, seeking feedback, and finding inspiration from those who have walked the same path. Learn from their successes and failures, forge valuable partnerships, and build a network that truly supports your product’s growth.

Community of Builders

Surround yourself with others who share your passion and drive. Our community connects you with dedicated founders and industry veterans who understand the unique challenges you face. It’s a platform for exchanging ideas, seeking feedback, and finding inspiration from those who have walked the same path. Learn from their successes and failures, forge valuable partnerships, and build a network that truly supports your product’s growth.

Changemakers & tastemakers. Impact redefined.

We’re the best co-venture partner you can find. Period.

Professional Sports


Moonwalkr is built on the promise to revolutionise a sport that brings hearts and nations together. Moonwalkr stops at nothing to protect the player so that they can raise their game.

Consumer Technology


Kiba was the world's first interactive self-editing video camera. It uses intelligent, "joy ranking" technology to spontaneously capture and curate a family's big "little" moments, providing users with beautifully edited, easily shareable video content.

Specialty Telecommunications


Talitrix is a Specialist Device + SaaS product that uses electronic monitoring to reduce recidivism and serve criminal justice agencies, courts and individuals.

Consumer Electronics

Ari | Handheld

Ari was a consumer tablet brand, before pivoting to disrupt the enterprise class ultra-rugged portable computing market with a specialist rugged device

Consumer Electronics


upBeat® is a wearable medical grade biosensing skin patch that continuously 24x7 captures and transmits electrocardiogram (ECG), posture, and activities data, via the phone to detect Heart Rhythm Disorders (HRD) in 50M+ patients and save many lives globally.

Social Impact


Aqverium unites satellite imaging, geospatial data, water consumption, water harvesting, monitoring, validation, offsetting and more. Brands get a digital water bank account and a unique and objective Water Sustainability Score.

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Plans and Pricing

Total value typically starts at $150,000+ but you can start with us today with below plans

*Our participation is compensated by two or all of the plans



Non-Recurring Expense. We invest the rest, and bear the risk


A tiny % of Ex-Works Product Price and/or of End-User Rental, Subscription or equivalent recurring Revenue for a limited licence term
Sweat Equity


Subscription to equity shares of the company, awarded at specific intervals in development.

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Who Works with Us



Developing a new product is a brutal grind of oscillating dead ends and eureka moments, the hardest and loneliest part of any independent venture. We're built to mitigate the stress.


Corporate Intrapreneurs

Even within the Fortune 1000, intrapreneurs are overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of skills needed within small teams to push an adjacent venture through.


Repeat Founders

Serious founders who have prototyped the next big thing. We bring the expertise and focus on refinement, product performance and shipping at scale. No frills.

Partner with Us Today

Skills On-Demand

Access to 40+ skills at a much lower upfront cost than if done in a fixed price or subscription model.

Unlimited warranty

Get lifetime warranty, free modifications, and small variations after launch.

Skin in the Game

Our skin in the game binds us to ensure market success.

Time Saving

Save Substantial Administrative Time.


Early stage ventures are inherently unstable. You can pause the program at your convenience, and restart when ready.

Effortless Iteration

Unlimited Revisions and change requests, and Multiple forks and pivots, without constant document renegotiation.

Simple Payments

Easier for everyone, saves time and money. Freeing up leaders to focus on bigger things.

Your First Look

You get first right of refusal on any new ideas we work on in same or adjacent areas.

We Are Building the World’s Biggest Design-to-Ship Network

Dreaming of manifesting the next big thing? We are too! Join us in turning human centred design into marketable reality.

We are always looking for forward-thinking manufacturers to collaborate with and bring exciting new products with High-growth potential, to life

Our Collaborative Innovation network of designers and manufacturers brings fresh ideas to life.

Are you a distributor looking for unique and in-demand products?

Join us and be the first to showcase them! Sign up to discover exclusive opportunities.

India is exciting for any business. But beware of the challenges: Fragmented Markets, Diverse consumers, Low Per Capita Income, Costly Sales Infrastructure, Unorganized Retail Network, and Fierce Local Competition.

Work with a Partner who infuses your product and brand with the bravery to thrive in the Wild.

Common FAQ's

For your target market, the primary question we ask is what are the binding constraints on the idea’s success and growth? And we try to solve for what doesn’t exist as opposed to what does. We are together better off doing something never done before that could be valuable in 2-5 years from now. Apart from that, we are both delusionally optimistic about the opportunity, both sides have Zero vanity, and we both are starving for knowledge.
Size of the team should be seen relative to the size of the challenge. A lean team, a high agency culture, that does not frown on temporary mistakes, will move faster, and result in sustained quality in the future.
Yes. But more than that, we want to leave a legacy of great work with enduring revenue. But you should feel free to be focused entirely on the money. In fact, we’re happy if you do.
Your money helps compensate only for a fraction of the value we bring. But the real reason we take it is because it signals your commitment to the venture and its success. Instead of charging our standard day rates that themselves provide immense value, we offer a much lower fee and become equity holders or earn royalties on sale, for the short and long term (so that we can see the implementations through).
There will be disagreements. Disagreements are great. So long as they directed at the product and not the people. We support curiosity that has a business value. To be effective we ourselves are naturally curious about the most important frameworks, mental and business models from different industries, from finance and from engineering and from product and from sales. And are open to discussing them and making course corrections.
We recommend considering a 1 year minimum. That’s typically how long it takes after we each prioritise everything necessary to work as hard as possible to reach Series A metrics, or better still reach operational profitability. This almost never happens in months. Even after launch, many ventures take up to 2 years to reach profitability.
No. But someone on both teams should be available 24/7 to discuss. You can work from our studio if there is space available. This is prioritised for our internal teams of course.
Yes, depending on the laws of our lands, we may or may not be able to do a sweat equity arrangement.
Yes. We typically recommend this during prototype analysis and course corrections. But mostly our work is influenced by serendipitous involvement and dialogue between various members in our studio. So we prefer that much of the creative and engineering work is done in our space.
No. The structure is similar, but all deals are done on individual market terms.
Trust is implicit and important in our engagements. Our brand partners send us a sales list every quarter. If however, we have any misgivings, we will request our consultants to perform an independent audit.
e give a service guarantee, and a perpetual warranty during the licence term. If you’re the type of business that needs an outcome guarantee before taking a jump, you’ve probably never developed or marketed products before, are unwilling to take the risk, and won’t be a good fit with us. If you’re not serious about your venture success, we can’t be.That said, If you’re not satisfied with the level of service during development, you can cancel the agreement anytime.
No. We have thought deeply about it, but we are not a cohort based course, nor an accelerator. Our opinion is that programs have their value. But what matters more are building, getting to prototypes, talking to users, making course corrections, selling and shipping. These cannot be force fitted to a timeframe.
Decided on an individual case basis.
Those who assume the higher risk should have a greater upside. Your idea. But Us against the world.
We try to be agnostic. Most of our work has been in consumer, technology, healthcare, and social impact.
Bang Design receives 40+ co-venture enquiries per year. We invest our time in about 2-3 new initiatives per year.
Similar to venture diligence (usually 2-3 weeks), in-person meeting (we fly to wherever you are). If the opportunity looks sound then we discuss numbers immediately and provide you with a master agreement and SOW terms in under two weeks.

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