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Kiba: Security and Style

Don’t worry about taking pictures at the spur of the moment!

Kiba: AI Camera

As the market for home AI camera products grew, it became more competitive. Companies began innovating in new and meaningful ways to stay relevant. AI cameras were amongst the most popular products since they addressed an important concern: security. But, as the primary concern of security was concerned, customers started getting picky. They began looking for security with style. They also wanted a device that would capture moments on its own. The result is the birth of the Kiba AI Camera!

AI with Style

The Kiba AI camera has a sensor that takes beautiful pictures. However, it was required to look as good as the pictures it took! By collaborating with technology partners and manufacturers, we ensured that the design and style were enhanced.

The camera houses a sensor with a field of view of 94 degrees. This wide field ensures that it can be set up at any corner of the house or even on a car dashboard. The result? You could cover a party in a room or take pictures while driving. Taking pictures is its job, but the device’s secret sauce is its Joy Ranking algorithm. The Kiba AI camera has the ability to detect excitement in everyday life!

For example, it will know that your baby is taking its first steps while the picture shows a routine scene. Or, that a party is turning exciting in a corner of the room! While the camera records through the day, the self learning algorithm filters out the routine bits, retaining the Kodak moments! But that’s not all; the device uses the home Wi-Fi to upload the pictures to the cloud. This allows the customer to be a part of the moment and relive it forever.

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