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We bridge the gap between modern medical devices and impactful market reach. Your creative and technical needs of the life science industry are broad, deep, and ever-growing. As a product leader in a growing Life Sciences company, you understand the urgency of bringing innovative medical devices to market. But navigating the complexities of development, documentation, marketing, and regulatory compliance can be a significant hurdle.

What Excites Us:

Expert Medical Device Development

Leverage our specialized team's deep understanding of regulatory requirements & best practices to bring your innovative product to life.

Our team of experienced industrial designers and engineers specializes in translating your vision into a medical standard, user-centric, market-ready product. We don't just create aesthetics; we ensure your product optimizes functionality, prioritizes safety, enhances user experience and elevates brand identity.

What We Do

Flawless Medical Device Documentation

Ensure seamless regulatory navigation with our team of documentation specialists, crafting clear and compliant submissions

We understand the critical role of clear, concise, and compliant documentation in securing regulatory approval and ensuring the safety and efficacy of your device. Our team of experts simplifies this process and we'll work closely with you to develop Clinical Evaluation Plans (CEPs), Risk Management Files, Instructions for Use (IFUs) and 510(k) Submissions & Regulatory Applications.

Note: Bang Design is currently not ISO13485 certified. We design, develop, and maintain documentation. We depend on external resources for labs, trials, and certification.

Additional Support for Documentation, Design, Certification and Operation Teams:

Additional Support for Regulation

Engaging Digital Marketing Solutions

Showcase your product's functionality with explainer videos and immersive experiences in a way words can’t explain.

Your website will showcase your product and service innovation while adhering to every medical industry standard, optimizing user experience, prioritizing credibility, empowering patients, and elevating your brand. We go beyond aesthetics, crafting websites that integrate 3D visualization, compelling content, and SEO for a mobile-ready experience.

What We Do

Expand with Strategic Global Partnership

Are you stressed managing a global medical device team? Get every service under one roof.

Our one-stop solution provides flexible, scalable teams across Design, Marketing, Production, and Innovation. Reduce risks and costs with our "zero-capex", "pay-as-you-grow" model as per your needs. Benefit from our expertise in medical devices, including collateral design and 3D assets, while our global reach with local support (India-based team with int’l connections) taps into a diverse talent pool, offering a familiar point of contact. Focus on your vision, we'll handle the team.

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Benefits for Your Company

In Health & Life Science Landscape, We Speak Your Language

Health & Life Science challenges keeping you up at night? We understand.
Regulatory Challenges
  • Keeping pace with ever-changing regulations across different markets.
  • Ensuring compliance with complex and stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Navigating the lengthy and expensive process of obtaining approvals.
Innovation & Development
  • Balancing the need for groundbreaking advancements with rigorous development and approval processes.
  • Securing funding for high-cost R&D efforts.
  • Keeping pace with rapid technological advancements like AI and gene editing.
Market Access & Reimbursement
  • Securing adequate reimbursement from insurance companies and healthcare providers.
  • Market share is highly competitive with many companies vying for it.
  • Effectively demonstrating the clinical and economic value of new products or services.
Patient Focus & Outcomes
  • Identifying and addressing unmet medical needs of specific patient populations.
  • Prioritizing patient safety and ensuring the efficacy of treatments.
  • Building trust and transparency with patients and healthcare professionals.
Offload non-core design, development & regulatory to us. Focus on your breakthrough, we’ll go beyond the list and handle the rest.

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