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Our photorealistic 3D customization platform enables real-time product configuration and product visualisation. Leveraging 3D product rendering technology, our interactive configurator empowers your target audience to explore all elements of a product: fit, colour, material, and accessories to visualise your products on-demand before they make a purchase.

Note: 3D Model is representational, sourced from third party websites, and not property of Bang Design. All 3D Models and designs are properties of their respective owners

Customers exploring a fully interactive product tend to:

What Are The Benefits Of Real-Time 3D Configurators?

Increased sales and conversion rates

Accelerate the sales cycle with interactive Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tools that better engage customers, empower them to discover your product, find their favourite configuration, and improve sales conversions by upwards of 25%

Save Costs

Reduce costs by eliminating duplication of work. A centrally managed and hosted product configurator enables automatic sharing of updates with global teams, agencies, dealers and other partners.

Reach Your Audience Anywhere

Publish configurators to multiple channels, including mobile devices and web browsers via cloud streaming or WebGL. Optimise Visual quality and performance for each platform, ensuring a great customer experience.

Highly engaging customer experiences

Boost brand engagement. Your customers will love to interactively explore your products in true-to-life visual quality.

Reduced product returns

Clear understanding of the product reduces disappointment and returns by up to 40%.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Personalised experiences foster connections and repeat business.

Ready to boost consumer engagement and conversion rates, while decreasing returns, and improving the visual experience?

Integrate Your Interactive 3D Configurator with leading e-commerce platforms

Boost your sales by integrating our interactive product customization solution with enterprise ERP and CRM systems and/or WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and others

What happens after you start?

Configurator strategy

Map SKUs to base and accessories, pricing, editable quantities, discounts, exclusions, and locking choices

Data format Standardisation

and Optimization for fast loads

Prepare the Scene

For Brand Coherence and Technical Feasibility

Camera and Lighting Refinement

and Testing, for CMF fidelity, and prospect response.

Optimise for Smooth Performance

Final adjustments with both your marketing and engineering teams.

CPQ integration

With your current platform, if any

Tool User Interface

Integration for Catalogue updation

Consider Automation with PLM

After the first set of SKUs are live

Industries Transforming with 3D Product Configurators

3D product configurators aren’t just for one sector – they’re game-changers across the board.

Fashion & Luxury

Let customers virtually design dream garments, explore bespoke jewellery options, and personalise accessories – Transform website visitors into paying customers.


Fuel customer excitement with interactive car configurators, allowing them to explore colours, features, and performance options – Driving sales and loyalty.


Transform online shopping with immersive product visualisation, empowering customers to confidently personalise their purchases – boosting conversion rates and reducing cart abandonment.

Real Estate & Construction

Offer virtual walkthroughs and design tools, enabling clients to visualise furniture, finishes, and layouts before breaking ground – enhancing satisfaction and reducing rework.

Case Studies of Interest

Enabling virtual product experiences - anytime, anywhere

We have crafted a unique automobile buying experience with an immersive 360° product environment and virtual test drives. This enables the customer to take their time to learn about the car at their own pace whilst configuring it to their personal preference. This is then transferred seamlessly to a real world specialist, enabling a hybrid physical and virtual sales solution.

Marine Lifestyle Experiences

A new generation of cruise enthusiasts experience their craft options virtually to select the option most relevant to them.
Investors in the project can visualise the end outcome during their due diligence process as well.


Unlimited Assets, and Interface Design Iterations during Asset and Scripts.

Interactive 3D Product Configurator

Empowers customers to explore your product and discover, decide and purchase the features that matter most to them.



Per 140 hours

For Assets + Scripts Development

Platform Fee


Interactive 3D Automotive Configurator

Unprecedented virtual world that was previously available only in science fiction films and video games.



Per 140 hours

For Assets + Scripts Development

Platform Fee


Subscription pricing for the platform is dependent on the number of product models, Scenes and HDRI backgrounds, custom cameras, and rendering servers required.
After launching the customised platform, all subsequent work on changing the structure and functionality of the configurator, its design and interface, changing or adding new car models, their equipment and options will come under the monthly subscription fee.
To receive a tailored quote for your brand, please fill in the form below.

How we compare

Not all product configurator approaches, or even platforms, deliver the same benefits. So it’s worth taking the time to do a comparison before you take the plunge.
In-House Team Other 3D Configurator Tools
No-Conflict Independent
No internal resources needed
Customised Workflow for Ideal Customer Profile
Expert Process in custom 3D Modelling, Rendering and Optimization
Ability to synthesise needs of both Engineering and Marketing teams
Reporting and Pipeline Updates
Configure materials/colours/accessories
Support for 4K, 3D and textures
Ready - made logics for modular products
User views per year
Number of websites
eCommerce platforms - WooCommerce and Shopify
SKU support
Price integration
Product measurements
Integration to any website
Product performance analytics
gLTF import
Automation by Integration to PLM
Advanced pricing
CPQ Integration
Space planning and scenes
High Quality Rendered Images
Manage Your Own Catalogue and Assets, without the help of a developer
Yes. Custom Built Tool
Just $400/mo onwards
$150-250k per year
$50k commitment typical


A 3D configurator lets you customise a product, like picking colours and features, and see it in 3D in real-time. A 3D visualizer shows a pre-designed product in 3D.

The focus of a 3D configurator is Customization and interactivity. A good tool allows users to change aspects of a product (colours, materials, features) and see the updated version in 3D in real-time. Our configurator also updates pricing based on selections, effectively delivering a 3D CPQ experience. The benefits from our approach are increased customer engagement, improved buying confidence through visualisation of their choices, and potential for higher conversion rates.

A 3D Visualizer shows a product in 3D, or several views of that product, allowing users to rotate, zoom, and explore the product from different angles. May include features like high-quality visuals, pre-set animations, or integration with Augmented Reality (AR). A visualizer is a more engaging and informative experience compared to static images.

If your products have many customizable features or require interactive customization options, a 3D configurator would be better suited to handle the complexity. However, if your products are simpler and primarily require visual representation, you will benefit from our Immersive Customer Experience Tool and Service.

We currently do not offer a one-size-fits-all self service tool. Our customers come from vastly different industries – think Agriculture and Construction machinery with complex SKUs, and Cargo Pedal-Electric Bicycles. A single tool will not serve either well enough. That said, we are developing a self service tool. Things are moving quickly. And we may have it ready for use before December 2024.

We have a flexible approach to cloud hosting. There are many options, including dedicated 3D file hosting services. Depending on your assets and targets, we choose the best options together.

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