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Who we are

How did the name Bang come to be?

When we started out 25 years ago, we aimed to be the Next Big thing in design. With shared interests in astronomy we wanted to be the next Big Bang on the scene. A crew delivering more Bang for the buck!

And that’s how the name stuck. It’s also helpful that we started out in Bangalore and many took it as a play on the name of our evolving city.

25 Years of Building Powerful Product Experiences

For over two decades, we've been your one-stop shop for crafting fully integrated product solutions. We seamlessly blend interrelated services like visualization, animation, and customer experience design – all under one roof.

Simplifying Complexity, Amplifying Impact

We believe in the power of holistic integration, creating synergies that elevate your product and business. With our diverse expertise, we streamline workflows and create consistent experiences and maximise your brand’s impact.

The "BANG" You Need: All-in-One Product Solutions

Our unified approach ensures a powerful, cohesive product that resonates with your customers. We're a committed partner to your full product journey, achieving maximum impact, from initial concept to successful go-to-market strategy.

Our Values

Deep Thinking, Bold Action

We combine thorough planning and design thinking with the courage to execute innovative ideas.

Client-Centric Success

Our clients' success is paramount. We forge strong partnerships, ensuring their business wins translate to ours.

Integrity in Every Interaction

We believe a handshake (or digital signature) holds weight. Our word is our bond, and we deliver on promises.

Form Follows Function, Beauty Follows Both

We prioritise user-centred design with intuitive functionality at its core, finding the perfect marriage between function and aesthetics, to create beautiful and innovative products.

Technology that Empowers

We leverage technology to simplify experiences and streamline processes. True value lies in creating solutions that are enriching, intuitive and leave a lasting impact.

Culturally Aware, Globally Minded

We stay at the forefront of cultural trends, ensuring our designs resonate with diverse audiences across the globe.

Unlocking Long-Term Value

Our clients and partners benefit from choosing one of four different ways in which we help them overcome their challenges and sustain long-term value.

Working closely with you to solve a specific problem or explore an opportunity through design consulting. A collaborative approach resulting in the perfect solution for your business.

From creative concepting to content development, production, creative technology and user experience design – we garner attention and drive business impact. Supported by our creative teams – a diverse group of copywriters and storytellers, animators, digital transformation experts, creative technologists, and emerging platform experimenters – we develop and execute brave ideas that deliver impact.

New Product Design and Development can feel overwhelming. Especially where it has to transition to the real world through solid engineering and cultural acceptance. We meticulously manage every aspect of the product for you, even as the program stays nimble to absorb the inevitable pivots and course corrections from wildly swinging markets. With complete access to our experts, and our years of experience across multiple sectors, you can be sure that your product or service will get the bravery it needs to succeed in the real world.

Our flexible approach allows us to creatively address any business problems, design innovative solutions, and then execute them. Several long term subscribers requested the creation of semi-flexible dedicated teams structured to their unique requirements. Multiple people from the brand, including other external partners, engage with specific team members around a common vision for the business’ immediate or long term future. This is contextually more efficient. Our Micro- Offshore Design Centre (ODC) is the most cohesive option for brands looking for both quicker turnaround, and more long term value to be created.

Extraordinary ideas require extraordinary work!. We help innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs refine their ideas, develop their product or service, set a vision for the future, and even partner with them on their journey to product-market fit and launch. Partner engage with our decades of knowledge, insight, creativity and expertise that has delivered market success, through our risk-sharing stake-in-outcome approach to get their nascent business the best possible launchpad from the get go. The smallest investment in time and money with the biggest returns.

We manage your Manufacturing while you focus on growing your business. Avoid investing in the equipment, training, and staff to manufacture your product. You can meet your cost efficiency, Quality requirements, and scale while simplifying your supply chain with our India partner network.

The Way We Work

We’re living in a world reeling from man-made crises – geopolitical issues, unequal access to opportunities, public health crises, impending water scarcity and climate disaster, demographic shifts, institutional mistrust, and the occasional tech with wild ethics.

But Bang Design is made for it. Since 1999, we’ve not only actively mitigated these risks but also helped create the best humanity has to offer – Smartphones and globally connected devices, Medical breakthroughs, Renewable Energy and Water Harvesting, Space Exploration, Tools for Gender Parity, cross cultural collaboration and citizen science and action.

We have what it takes to solve your problems – from our consultative design muscle, to stake-in-outcome approach, production backbone, and a creative communications soul – we are built for the new era.

Always thinking forward

Game-Changers, Change-Makers, and Taste-Makers

Since 1999, we’ve worked with both globally renowned brands – Intel, Dell, GE, Abbott Diabetes, HP, Motorola, BPL, Amara Raja, Pepsico – as well as the most innovative ventures – Moonwalkr, Freebowlr, Monitra, Handheld, Suretouch Bexa, Embrace, Talitrix, Aquakraft and many more, to design compelling customer experiences. Our disciplined process and creative leaps have together led to numerous awards, patents, winning campaigns, and game-changing products and services that transform lives and markets. We serve and work on opportunities and sectors worldwide. A diverse team of different skills at our main studio in Bangalore, in satellite studios in India, and our worldwide network of partners give us a global reach and wide-ranging perspectives.

Unlock your potential. Contact us today.

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