Bang Design

We craft experiences through creative assets

Immersive Experiences & Production

3D Visualization

Stunning Product Visualisation to bring imagination to life for any industry

Visual Effects (VFX) and Animation

Compelling visual stories for your audience across all marketing channels

Interactive Configurators

Supercharge Customer Experience with Immersive, Automated and Affordable configurators

Immersive Customer Experiences

Ignite engagement with unforgettable digital experiences

Future-Proof Marketing

Brand Collateral

Collateral designed congruent with your brand's core values

Expo Marketing

Get more footfalls and leads with experiential animations

Offshore Creative Centres

Dedicated Elite Team to Grow Your Marketing Supply Chain

Build a virtuous loop with Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience and Product Innovation

Creativity at Scale. Your High-Conversion Content Supply Chain

Modern marketing demands flawless alignment between strategic imperatives and creative execution. We seamlessly integrate your high-impact marketing strategy with a continuous flow of brand-aligned, persuasive content. Every piece of content is meticulously crafted to pique interest, influence decisions, and ultimately, drive sales action. We call this a “content supply chain”

Capital and Focus Efficiency

With a Content Supply Chain, you get a continuous, consistent and predictable pipeline of creative product marketing assets in multiple formats to populate your channels.


Save costs and remain capital efficient so you can reinvest back into your marketing engine.


Regardless of your chosen growth channels, you will have both focus and bandwidth to align around the highest-leverage activity for your inhouse team.

Customer Experience is a gateway to Product Innovation

Now more than ever, growth is discovered, not planned. Staying capital efficient creates the space for an always-on state of marketing and product innovation. Test new concepts, address shifting consumer interests, and access new markets in unique ways

Industries We Currently Serve

Trusted by 60+ brands and institutions to fuel their growth

Telecommunication Devices And Services

Transportation Vehicles And Services

Mining Machinery And Vehicles

Agriculture Machinery And Agrotech

Construction And Industrial

Autonomy And Machine Learning

Aviation And Aerospace

In Car Entertainment

Consumer electronics

Consumer Appliances

Medical & Healthcare

Sports & Fitness

Technology Partners

Bang Design Technical Partner - Unreal Engine
Bang Design Technical Partner - NVIDIA
Bang Design Technical Partner - Adobe
Bang Design Technical Partner - Unity
Bang Design Technical Partner - Taitopia
vercel logo
Bang Design Technical Partner - Runaway
Bang Design Technical Partner - Cinema 4D
Bang Design Technical Partner - Keyshot
Bang Design Technical Partner - TwinMotion

Plans and Pricing

Heavyweight Work at Lightweight Prices. We cater for the bootstrapping start-up as well as the multinational enterprise organization. Plans to fit any sized business.




140 hours

Up to 50% Savings

Brand Plan
Future Proof Content Marketing


140 hours/mo

Up to 86% Savings

Future Proof Content Marketing Plan
Offshore Creative Center
Build Your Perfect Plan

Up to 66% Savings

All services tailored to your specific long term needs. Learn More
Offshore Creative Center Plan
Immersive CX

Asset and Script Creation



140 hours

Learn more about the plan

Platform fee


Immersive Customer EX
2D Configurator

Asset and Script Creation



140 hours

Learn more about the plan

Platform fee


2D Configurator Plan
3D Configurator

Asset and Script Creation



140 hours

Learn more about the plan

Platform fee


3D Configurator Plan

Flexible and Scalable Guarantee

When you subscribe to any of our services, you get every other service within the plan, for no additional cost

Flexible and Scalable

No Contracts! Our Flexible 30-day subscriptions let you to upgrade or pause your subscription at any time.

Unlimited Revisions

Each Design can be revised as many times as necessary to get it to achieve desired functionality.


Access our Teams Channel, with an intuitive folder structure, or add us to your Slack channel.

Advisory + Support

Our fees are for advisory and support, and not connected to production volumes and order sizes.

Team Library

Our team will use a growing library of over 1,000 part or assembly features, materials and finishes

Source Files​

From the first model to engineering ready assembly files, we provide native files in CREO, or Fusion360​.

100% Ownership​

Except for any prior art, you have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you.

Quality + Reliability

Our teams ensure quality, safety, reliability & durability considerations as well as quick issue resolution.

Guaranteed Value.
See How We Stack Up Against Other Options

Agency or
Full-Time Hire
Overseas Headhunters DIY Course
$2999/mo Onwards
$100-250k per year
$3000/mo Onwards
$1200 typically
What you get?
Top Tier Creatives, & Marketing support
Single task specialists
Recruit Individual hires in the Philippines for generic back-office work
Nothing. You Do it Yourself
Time to see results
Once subscribed, 2-3 weeks to first asset
3-5 months to find and onboard
Minimum 3 Weeks to start
Depends on You
Pause and Resume anytime
Not Applicable
NONE. Commit just 1 month at a time
Long term contracts. A bad hire sets you back months.
Long term commitment
Your Time Commitment
Typically 2-3 hours per week
Client-Agency relationship
Employee - Employer relationship

Note: You may always find other, lower price options out there. We set a fair price that would allow us to give you the best results possible. The last thing that we would want to do is underprice just to win a new customer, a contract, but then not deliver on our own internal expectations. We hope that this sounds right to you, too.

Begin your journey to growth.

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