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We have skills others only dream about.

The complexity of today’s buyer journey requires a blend of thoughtfully employed and expertly executed specialised techniques. Our creative digital marketing Assets to unlock the value of the Experience Economy.

Our Expertise

We create experiences that challenge the status quo

Creative Production

3D Visualization

Stunning Product Visualisation to bring imagination to life for any industry.

Supercharge Design to Sales with 3D Renders. Our service is not only a cost-effective alternative to photography, but is an investment that pays for itself by significantly improving your feedback quality, closing rate, and increasing long-term ROI. With our 3D rendering services, your products look larger than life in unlimited views, in any setting imaginable, with perfect accuracy, even before they exist.

What We Do

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Compelling visual stories for your audience across all marketing channels.

Bang Design breathes life into your products and facilities with stunning 3D animation and CGI. We collaborate closely to create custom animations that showcase your business’ value and your product's features that together elevate your brand. Trusted by leaders, our animations deliver the highest quality visuals to take your product to the next level.

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What We Do

Immersive and Interactive Experiences

3D Configurator

Supercharge Customer Experience with Automated and Affordable configurators.

Boost sales with real-time 3D customization! From precise variations to real-time pricing, our configurators let you showcase products in stunning detail, driving sales & reducing returns. Empower customers to design their dream product with endless possibilities in a user-friendly interface.


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2D Configurator

Engage Leads. Showcase Products. Ignite Sales. One Click at a time.

Product personalization made easy. Our 2D configurator lets customers see variations, choose options, and visualise their creation in seconds, boosting engagement and sales. Enjoy fast loading times, reduce returns, connect to CPQ platform to deliver a cost-effective dynamic shopping experience.

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Immersive CX

Tell your brand story with a unique virtual asset.

Bang Design is a connected experience agency that specialises in the creation and application of interactive, real-time, Immersive Customer Experiences (ICE). With full freedom to explore, customers will engage with your product the same way they would in person. Central to many brands’ marketing strategies, this transforms audience members from passive recipients to active participants in the narrative of the product or marketing campaign.


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Future Proof Content

Digital Assets & Content

Build a virtuous loop with Customer Attraction properties and Unique Product Collateral.

Attract, engage, convert with a high performing website. Get more footfalls and leads with the right digital assets for expos and convention participation campaigns. Reinforce your brand messaging with technical product collateral designed congruent with your brand’s core values.

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What We Do

Technology Partners

Our Approach

From iconic product teasers, captivating launch videos, and unique collateral, we create digital destinations and assets that immerse people in your brand, supercharge your customer engagement and become a platform for business growth. All at an unbeatable price.


Why You Need A Content Supply Chain?

Modern marketing demands creativity at scale. With flawless alignment between strategic imperatives and high-conversion creative execution. We seamlessly integrate your high-impact marketing strategy with a continuous flow of brand-aligned, technology enabled, persuasive content. Every piece of content is meticulously crafted to pique interest, influence decisions, and ultimately, drive sales action. We call this a “content supply chain”.


How can Marketers regain Capital and Focus Efficiency?

With a Content Supply Chain, you get a continuous, consistent and predictable pipeline of creative product marketing assets in multiple formats to populate your channels.

Save costs and remain capital efficient so you can reinvest back into your marketing engine.

Regardless of your chosen growth channels, you will have both focus and bandwidth to align around the highest-leverage activity for your inhouse team.


What is the Virtuous Growth Loop?

Now more than ever, growth is discovered, not planned, from both market feedback and serendipity. Customer Attraction and Customer Experience serve as an On-Ramp to Product Innovation. Staying capital efficient creates the space for an always-on state of marketing and product innovation. Test new concepts, address shifting consumer interests, and access new markets in unique ways.

Begin your growth journey today.

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