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Design Trends to Watch in 2024

Product design as a field is constantly evolving, and 2024 is expected to be a year of significant innovation and consumer-focused changes. As we navigate this unknown territory, here are some trends that we believe could impact the design industry in the upcoming year.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage

Riding the tide of post-COVID eco-consciousness, product designers are steering towards sustainable solutions. From recycled materials to circular design, we see environmental responsibility set to permeate every facet of product creation, resonating with a consumer base increasingly mindful of their ecological footprint.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the tsunami washing away traditional design skills and practices. We expect to see large-scale adoption across diverse industries ranging from legal to creative. Storytelling will become more important than ever as large language models fast outstrip our cumulative intelligence.

Augmented Reality Redefines Reality

Augmented Reality experiences are making the leap to mainstream life. Pokemon Hunt was the first large implementation of augmented reality in civilian life. We expect more immersive experiences to enhance training methods for professionals and civilians alike.

Tailored for You

Customization is the buzzword for 2024. Products will become platforms with unique layers for demographics and geographies creating tailored solutions. This will permeate across physical, digital and physical products and experiences.

The Wellness Revolution

Beyond the aesthetics, products are gearing up to be our wellness companions. Measuring all aspects of wellness to deliver a holistic experience, we’re seeing products advise us or even medical professionals about our well-being in personal ways never seen before.

Inclusivity Takes the Center Stage

The narrative of product design is shifting towards inclusivity. Designers are recognizing the diverse needs of users and crafting products that cater to a broad spectrum of abilities. In the spirit of democratizing design, products are becoming more accessible, ensuring that innovation is for everyone.

Materials, Manufacturing Redefined

The palette of product design is transforming with an emphasis on sustainability. Bio-compatible and eco-friendly materials are poised to redefine the canvas. With 3d printing, we’re seeing the rise of local manufacturers catering to niche markets disrupting traditional methods and supply chains.

Less is More

Aesthetic minimalism is making a comeback in 2024. Clean lines, neutral tones, and purpose-driven design choices are taking centre stage. In a world inundated with stimuli, products are becoming serene oases of simplicity, offering respite for the eyes and the soul.

Speak and Gesture: The Language of Interaction

The evolution of natural language processing and gesture recognition technologies is transforming how we interact with our devices. In the coming year, voice and gesture controls will become the norm, allowing users to communicate with their products in the most intuitive and natural ways.

Privacy as a Design Principle

As we navigate the digital landscape, concerns about privacy and data security are at the forefront. Product designers are weaving robust security features and transparent data practices into the very fabric of their creations, ensuring that trust is not just earned but built into every interaction.
Trends provide a compass to guide us toward the future of product design. A future where products go beyond possessions becoming a reflection of our ever-evolving needs and desires. Some are technology driven while others emerge from our collective consciousness as a civilisation. Whatever the reason, companies small and large need to adapt or risk falling away in the slipstream of change, the only constant in our lives!
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