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Moonwalkr Mind: A Helmet that’s Building a Cricket Community


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The cricket pitch is a battlefield. But for the batsman facing a searing delivery at 160 kmph, the biggest enemy can sometimes be their own helmet. Traditional cricket helmets, designed with a more generic, western physique in mind, often left subcontinental players feeling restricted, sweaty, and even exposed to injury. Moonwalkr Mind, however, smashed that mold. In this blog, explore how Bang Design and Moonwalkr, through a user-centric industrial design approach, not only revolutionized safety and performance but also fostered a thriving cricket community.

Understanding the Pain Points

The key to Moonwalkr Mind’s success lies in its deep understanding of the subcontinental cricketer’s specific needs. Here’s how we tackled some critical issues:

The force of a cricket ball delivered at 160 kmph (100 mph) can be equivalent to being hit by a 9kg (20 lb) bowling ball at slower speeds. This emphasizes the critical role helmets play in mitigating the risk of serious head and neck injuries.

From Design Concept to Cricket Craze

Moonwalkr Mind’s impact goes beyond the technical aspects. Here’s how our design philosophy facilitated a community around the product:

Cricket is the second most-watched sport globally, with over 2.5 billion fans! With such a massive audience, the Moonwalkr Mind doesn't just improve safety for cricketers, it also sets a new standard for helmet design that millions of fans can appreciate and potentially inspire future innovations in cricket equipment.

The Result: A Game Changer Beyond the Pitch

Moonwalkr Mind isn’t just a helmet; it’s a testament to the power of user-centric design. By prioritizing the needs of subcontinental cricketers and facilitating a community around the product, Moonwalkr Mind has become a game-changer. It’s a conversation starter, a symbol of innovation, and a favorite among local academies and international legends alike. Moonwalkr Mind serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how a well-designed product can not only enhance performance but also unite a passionate community around the sport they love.

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